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Easy tirednessView thread »

Is there a way to effectively reduce elevated cortisol? - Answered in Endocrinology

Your major symptoms are weakness and excessive tirednessView thread »

My energy levels are low, and feel sad and cranky. What can I do? - Answered in Psychiatry

... to be suffering from major depressive disorder. You need to take medication for your disorder and be active in your life. Try to do exercise daily like just go ... … View thread »

What is the cause of my left-sided numbness? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Your gym instructor would make it easy for you to lose weight in different ways ... Hello doctor,Left side hand and leg numbness and tirednessView thread »

What could be the reason for uneasiness and tiredness in a heart patient? - Answered in Cardiology

Hello doctor, My wife is having uneasiness and tiredness since last two days … View thread »

I feel full quickly and I am tired very much. How can I be treated? - Answered in General Medicine

Tiredness, abdominal and/or digestive issues are also due to the low functioning thyroid ... When our digestion is not that good, it leads to enhanced weakness, tiredness, and a low mood … View thread »

I feel very tired. Is it because of my low RBC count? - Answered in Internal Medicine

This could be the main reason for your easy fatigability ... Less sleep will result in low energy and easy fatigability … View thread »

When compared to night shift, how is working in daytime better? - Answered in Family Physician

My opinion is, when you sleep well, your increased weight and tiredness will go away ... I have tried that with many patients and found it is one of the best drugs for tirednessView thread »

Please suggest a tablet for loose stools that is safe to use when trying to conceive. - Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

... not mentioned whether you are taking any medications to conceive or if you are under stress. I suggest you try taking Dependal-M (Metronidazole) thrice a day ... … View thread »

Is it normal to feel tired and sleepy when recovering from bronchitis? - Answered in Internal Medicine

... from a viral illness may take time some time. Also, there is an excessive weakness because of the past fever. Your body needs time to recover from that. You ... … View thread »

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