There is a slight drop in my ejection fraction from last year. Should I be worried? - Answered in Cardiology

Low normal systolic function with an ejection fraction of 54 ... In addition, it is noted that my resting ejection fraction last year was 64 and my stress echo taken this year (for atypical chest pain) was 62 … View thread »

What could be the reason for breathlessness after CABG? - Answered in Cardiology

How much is his ejection fraction in echo ... This is especially common in patients with reduced ejection fractionView thread »

I am a pacemaker-dependent individual. What are my chances of survival? - Answered in Cardiology

Although your ejection fraction is now 50%, your BNP (brain natriuretic peptide) value is high which is the reason you are experiencing edema and dyspnea … View thread »

I have congestive heart failure with EF at 42. Will this get normal with healthy diet? - Answered in Cardiology

EF (ejection fraction) is not the only element indicative of heart failure ... Also, I have congestive heart failure with a fraction rate of 42 … View thread »

Can hypertension cause dilated cardiomyopathy? - Answered in Cardiology

EF (ejection fraction) 20 to 25 % with both pericardial and bilateral pleural effusion … View thread »

Please see my echocardiogram report, and tell me if I need immediate medical attention. - Answered in Cardiology

Your EF (ejection fraction) is 76 %, which is good … View thread »

Does high E/A ratio suggest diastolic dysfunction? - Answered in Cardiology

Like ejection fraction more than 45%, the presence of diastolic stiffness, and heart failure symptoms, with changes in some laboratory test indexes … View thread »

I had a massive heart attack in the year 2000. I am getting pain and heaviness on the right side of my chest. Please help. - Answered in Cardiology

Your EF (ejection fraction) is all right and as per your stress test, there is nothing going in opposite and your heart is still doing well … View thread »

How to get cured of peripartum cardiomyopathy? - Answered in Cardiology

Before I answer your questions in detail, I would like to tell you that if she is totally symptom-free and her ejection fraction (EF) is 20-25%, please do get another echo done from an independent reliable source to confirm the diagnosis … View thread »

What could be the cause of ventricular fibrillation? - Answered in Cardiology

What is his ejection fraction ... Low ejection fraction due to any reason like coronary artery disease or others can lead to ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation … View thread »

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