What causes swollen tonsils with fever, body aches and runny nose?

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I have two swollen tonsils (left side I noticed white spots on it) ... It is an infection of the tonsils and the pharynx, mostly bacterial looking at the associated symptoms you have … View thread

Noticed a growth in my throat. What it could be?

- Answered in Otolaryngology (E.N.T)

Although there is a lot of reflected light, I can make out that you have enlarged tonsils and edematous uvula ... Also check for any enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, under the jaw, under the ear, etc ... Many a times allergy to any offending agent causes inflammation and enlargement of tonsilsView thread

When Should Tonsils Be Removed in Adults?

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Chronic tonsillitis is characterized by inequality in size of both tonsils, congested anterior pillars which cover tonsils anteriorly, the collection of pus inside the tonsillar crypts even in the absence of acute inflammation, recurrent attacks of acute follicular tonsillitis and palpable neck lymph nodes … View thread

Why do I have a bloody spot near the back of my throat?

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I can see inflamed and enlarged tonsils with a congested posterior pharyngeal wall (back of the throat) … View thread


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The usual symptoms are fever, throat pain, and enlarged tonsils ... The inflammation that results due to the infection of tonsils is called tonsillitis … View thread

How to prevent frequent episodes of tonsillitis?

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Infection from enlarged tonsils can spread to nose, ear or further down as throat infection which will cause great discomfort to the patients ... Nearly four months back, my tonsils got swollen ... Does the cold temperature affect the tonsilsView thread

Why am I having pain in the ear and inflamed tonsil?

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Hence it is natural and most probable that tonsils are also enlarged and inflamed ... The pain could be referred pain from tonsils or TM (temporomandibular) joint pain or some proper earache ... Since you are saying you do not have any infection, I am inclined to diagnose it as referred pain from tonsilsView thread

I have bumps present above my tonsils in the throat. What could it be?

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The tonsils are only slightly enlarged and hence do not need any removal ... Can you check the bumps present above my tonsils in the throat … View thread

My left tonsil is swollen, and I have a severe post-nasal drip from a month. Please help.

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He also sent me for a throat ultrasound due to enlarged submaxillary glands to see if there was an abscess ... I can see the left tonsil enlarged are slightly congested ... Constant post-nasal drip can act as a cause for enlargement of tonsils, like in your case ... If you can click one with open mouth showing details about the tonsils, posterior pharyngeal wall, and the oropharynx, it will be helpful for us to see the swollen tonsil … View thread

Is negative RNA PCR test on day 12 a conclusive one?

- Answered in Venereology

I do not have fever, rashes, body pain, enlarged nodes, etc ... Thank you doctor, I am not sure whether it is sore throat or any other thing, but I have a white tongue and white spots on tonsils that are not painful … View thread

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