Is it possible to get pancreatitis because of Escitalopram?

- Answered in Internal Medicine

It started six days ago and he is getting better now but he used to take antidepressants like Escitalopram and Ezeepam and he has been taking these kinds of anxiety medicines from a long time but not continuously but from last six months the usage has increased … View thread

Can I take Cipralex and Petril MD for anxiety disorder?

- Answered in Psychiatry

Cipralex (Escitalopram) 10 mg is good medicine for anxiety disorder … View thread

Does Lexapro take a long time to start working?

- Answered in Psychiatry

If Lexapro (Escitalopram) caused insomnia, then it is better to take the drug in the morning after breakfast … View thread

Though I am on Stalopam, I am not getting sleep. What to do?

- Answered in Psychiatry

Escitalopram may not help you to sleep since it does not have much sedative property … View thread

Kindly suggest me long term drugs without side effect for anxiety and depression.

- Answered in Psychiatry

You should go with Escitalopram (Escitalopram Oxalate), Clonazepam and Mirtaz (Mirtazapine) ... Almost all antidepressants may cause sweating, but it is less with EscitalopramView thread

Can skipping Lexapro tablets cause suicidal thoughts?

- Answered in Psychiatry

  It is unlikely for Lexapro (Escitalopram) to cause this symptom, especially when you have been taking it for the last five years … View thread

Which is a more potent anti-anxiety medicine?

- Answered in Psychiatry

So, my doctor switched from Citalopram 10 mg to Escitalopram 10 mg (one per day) ... Could you explain me the general difference between Escitalopram and Buspirone … View thread

I was on Cipralex for anxiety and stopped now. Can I control my anxiety without medicines?

- Answered in Child Health

I understand you took Cipralex or Seroplex (Escitalopram) 20 mg for two years which is a good medication for managing anxiety disorder, depression, and other emotional disorders … View thread

How long should I stay on the treatment for psychosis?

- Answered in Psychiatry

I had an episode of psychosis for the first time four months ago and is treated with Risperidone and Escitalopram ... However, Escitalopram is given for depression … View thread

How to confirm that I am not impotent?

- Answered in Sexology

 You were fine with Nexito (Escitalopram) and Lonazep (Clonazepam) … View thread

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