Is it safe to take iron supplements for fatigue or can it become toxic?

- Answered in Hematology

Fatigue can occur in hypothyroidism, or due to anxiety, lack of sleep, exhaustion, stress or lack of exercise … View thread

Can there be no menses when anemic?

- Answered in Hematology

 After over a year of severe insomnia, exhaustion, mouth sores, constant itchiness and RLS issues that made my husband wonder, I went to my doctor last week wondering if it could be hypothyroid … View thread

Why do I feel weak and anemic even though my RBC count is high?

- Answered in Hematology

... not having anemia as per the reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity). Your Hb level is within the limit. So, you do not require a treatment for ... … View thread

What is microcytic normochromic anemia?

- Answered in Hematology

... (red blood cell) means that the size of the RBC is decreased. Usually, it is seen in iron deficiency anemia. But, your hemoglobin level is within the ... … View thread

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