Hair Transplantation - an Emerging Need - Published in Skin and Beauty

Hair transplantation involves the removal of self hair follicles either from a strip of hair taken from the back of our scalp (occiput) or from 05-1 mm scalp punch biopsies … View thread »

Hair Care at Home - Published in Hair Care

In most of the countries, women have long hair as a tradition ... Hair becomes soiled due to the collection of dirt as a result of shedding of the upper layer of skin or from dust from the atmosphere, salts from evaporated sweat and bacteria ... Hair Care Tips Normal hair care includes keeping the scalp and hair free from this dirt and excess of sebum or grease ... To gain more knowledge regarding hair care tips, consult a dermatologist online … View thread »

Hair Care Through Ayurveda - Published in Hair Care

Normal and Abnormal Hair Fall: If there is a fall of more than 100 hair strands per day, it is considered as abnormal hair fall, less than that is considered as normal ... Daily Hair Care: 1) Cleanliness: Wash your hair every two days … View thread »

Hair Loss in Children - How to Treat It with Homeopathy? - Published in Parenting & Children's Health

Hair loss is an issue we usually associate with adults, but hair loss is fairly common in children as well ... A majority of children (26 months or older) have hair loss problem and it can be frightening for parents … View thread »

Hair Loss - Common Causes and Hair Care Tips - Published in Hair Care

Hair loss is a common condition faced by people of all age groups ... There are various causes for hair loss ... Routine Hair Care Tips Always use lukewarm water for washing your hairView thread »

Hair Superfoods: What to Eat for Hair Fall Control? - Published in Hair Care

Each strand of hair is attached to our scalp by the hair follicle ... Hair goes through three stages during their growth cycle, namely, the growth phase, transitional phase, and the resting phase … View thread »

Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata) Cure Through Homoeopathy - Published in Hair Care

Alopecia areata is a condition where there is hair loss that affects typically the scalp, beard, eyebrows etc in oval or circular patches ... s own defense system attacks the hair follicle … View thread »

Alopecia - Hair loss Treatment Through Homeopathy - Published in Hair Care

Nowadays, hair fall problem is gradually increasing ... Many young adults have been complaining about hair loss issues … View thread »

Routine Hair Care and Common Hair Problems - Published in Hair Care

regularly, so does the hair ... We can provide nutrition to the hair in the form of dietary supplements like food  ... Hair Care: Hair Oil: Applying oil to the hair reduces dryness … View thread »

My hair is thinning where I part it. Am I on my way to balding? - Answered in Dermatology

Hello doctor, I always part my hair to the right and by the left corner of my forehead where I part it from it seems that in that corner the hair is looking thinner and thinner ... I would like to mention few hair care tips here: Always use lukewarm water to wash your hair, never hot water ... Take careView thread »

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