What can be done to stop hair loss? - Answered in Homeopathy

Hello doctor, I have hair loss ... You can start with Wiesbaden 30 five pills in the morning, noon, evening, and night, Arnica hair oil (massage thrice in a week), Arnica shampoo, along with medicines ... Give follow up after one week to set the duration of treatmentView thread »

Arnica - More Than a Muscle Healer - Published in Alternative Medicine

Hair Fall - Arnica acts well on the scalp and hair, hence it is useful to treat hair problems like hair fall and dandruff ... Arnica treats hair loss by stimulating the hair follicles, and thus rejuvenates the scalp ... Consistent use of Arnica in the form of shampoo or oil even reduces the chances of premature greying of hair and stops further hair fallView thread »

Hair Loss in Children - How to Treat It with Homeopathy? - Published in Parenting & Children's Health

Hair loss is an issue we usually associate with adults, but hair loss is fairly common in children as well ... A majority of children (26 months or older) have hair loss problem and it can be frightening for parents ... There is no particular treatment for this condition in allopathic system of medicine, but with the help of homeopathy, the child can overcome the stressful event, allowing hair to grow back and maintain the normal hair growth cycle ... Appropriate treatment is very essential for this kind of hair loss in order to prevent the progression of the disease ... With appropriate treatment, the lost hair can be regained within a year … View thread »

Alopecia - Hair loss Treatment Through Homeopathy - Published in Hair Care

Nowadays, hair fall problem is gradually increasing ... Many young adults have been complaining about hair loss issues ... Some of them complain about genetic or hereditary kind of hair loss, while some of them complain hair fall after the use of certain medications or due to some external factors like change in weather, change in water, etc ... Homeopathy Treatment for Alopecia: Many patients come to homeopaths for hair loss treatment ... Following are the most commonly prescribed treatments for hair loss or alopecia: 1) Arnica Mother Tincture: Arnica mother tincture is not the most individualistic solution for the alopecia … View thread »

I am just 22 and already going bald. Why? - Answered in Cosmetology

I first started experiencing hair fall a year ago, and after taking homeopathy treatment, there was a good improvement in a couple of months … View thread »

Kindly provide a solution for my hair fall and dandruff. - Answered in Dermatology

I am facing severe hair fall issue ... My hair becomes very thin and consist dandruff and white flakes ... Also, I tried homeopathy treatment for two months, but unable to get any solution for my hair issue … View thread »

What is wrong with my health? - Answered in Endocrinology

I have hair dryness, hair fall and dandruff ... So, it was confirmed as the hypothyroid condition and I went on with homeopathy treatment ... My treatment period was completed one year ago and I have given up on homeopathy ... When I was done with thyroid profile test again in a year's time during the treatment, my results were T3 112, T4 826 and TSH 415 … View thread »

How to stop dandruff and hair fall? - Answered in Dermatology

Since two years, I am getting tiny white balls coming out from my head in comb with dandruff flakes and a lot of hair fall ... Talking about your hair fall, losing up to 100 hairs per day is absolutely normal ... I took homeopathy medicine and after some time, it came again ... For any query, please make it a point to add the clinical picture, which would make diagnosis and treatment easier in the field of dermatology … View thread »

What causes heavy hair fall post C-section delivery? - Answered in Homeopathy

Hello doctor, I had two C-sections and within a gap of 28 months post delivery, I had heavy hair fall ... For few months hair fall was less but suddenly again I started having heavy hair fall ... Give follow up to decide further medication and duration of treatmentView thread »

Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata) Cure Through Homoeopathy - Published in Hair Care

Alopecia areata is a condition where there is hair loss that affects typically the scalp, beard, eyebrows etc in oval or circular patches ... s own defense system attacks the hair follicle ... Stress is known to aggravate immune (defense) system-related disorders and also a variety of skin conditions, as homeopathy says that the main cause of almost all diseases has been originated through disorders of mind ... Homoeopathic treatment is fairly successful as it quickly promotes the hair growth and thus control, stop or reverse hair loss effectively … View thread »

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