Will hypertension cause early death? - Answered in Cardiology

... not likely to drop dead. You are hypertensive for a long time and that is why you are having left ventricular hypertrophy due to left ventricular remodeling ... … View thread »

What does ballerina foot mean? - Answered in Cardiology

Does it mean I have a heart disease ... Cardiomyopathy will not occur unless you have additional persistent fast heart rate or decreased blood supply to the heart ... Hi doctor, I read an article, which mentioned wall abnormalities make the condition worse ... I just went through the article about wall motion abnormalities and MVP (attachment removed to protect patient identity) ... however, there could be a wall motion abnormalityView thread »

My dad's CK level is 914. Does he have a heart problem? - Answered in Cardiology

Is it because of a heart condition ...  He is currently taking medications for his heart, high blood pressure, and diabetes ... My suggestion is to get an echocardiogram done to see if there are any new wall motion abnormalities, suggesting a coronary event in a particular territory … View thread »

Kindly explain my dad's echocardiography report and further treatment. - Answered in Cardiology

The heart is supplied by three arteries LAD, RCA, and LCX that is, left anterior descending artery, right coronary artery and left circumflex artery respectively ... Wall motion abnormality is seen in the echo report of your father ... As blood supply is compromised the muscles in that part of heart will not get proper nutrition and will start degenerating, which is medically termed as regional wall motion abnormality (RWMA) … View thread »

I am getting chest pain during deep breathing. Why? - Answered in Cardiology

As you have not mentioned any history of gastritis, heartburn, peptic ulcer, anxiety, lack of sleep, disturbed sleep cycle and muscular sprain (as all of them can mimic the cardiac pain), my suggestion is to get an ECG, 2D echo and treadmill test done ... 2D echocardiogram will tell about any motion abnormality of the walls of the heart ... If any part of the heart receives less blood supply, then it will get injured and there will be some motion abnormality in that part … View thread »

How is LVEDP of 4 mmHg concordant with diastolic dysfunction? - Answered in Cardiology

Not to scare you, but a situation where you have diastolic dysfunction with a normal ejection fraction is known as heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) ...  EKG showed slight ST depression, an echocardiogram showed WMA (wall motion abnormalities), and the angiogram showed moderate coronary artery disease (CAD) in LAD, about 50% at first septal branch … View thread »

What is the role of calcium in blocking blood vessels?Is it reversible? - Answered in Cardiology

I recently heard of a doctor here doing a clinical study on chelation therapy, but he is confining study to those who have already suffered a heart attack ...  Left ventriculogram showed estimated ejection fraction of 60%-65% with no significant wall motion abnormalities … View thread »

My heart was fine 12 months ago. Suddenly, I developed too many problems. Why? - Answered in Internal Medicine

They have also told me that I have left ventricular dysfunction that is causing heart failure ... I also got a cardiac implant that records my heart but is not a pacemaker or defibrillator ... There is normal left ventricular wall thickness ... There is moderate posterior wall hypokinesis ... Septal motion is consistent with conduction abnormalityView thread »

I have upper left back pain, and my ECG was abnormal. Is it a heart problem? - Answered in Internal Medicine

But to rule out heart conditions like angina, as ECG shows abnormal changes, kindly upload your reports to have proper information ... If ECG is abnormal, then is there any heart problem ... I do have dry mouth and irregular motionView thread »

Dietary Supplements to Combat Chronic Fatigue - Published in Diet and Nutrition

They boost metabolic functions and lower the risk for heart disease, especially related to dysfunction of blood vessels supplying blood to the heart muscles and the other main blood vessels of the body ... Muscles work best if kept in motionView thread »

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