My mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke, and she is in a coma. Can she recover? - Answered in Neurology

Hello doctor, My mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke a couple of months back ... The neurological deficit in a patient who suffered from hemorrhagic stroke depends on the areas of the brain affected and the pressure from the edema … View thread »

What is hypertensive urgency? - Answered in Internal Medicine

 It could lead to hemorrhagic stroke which could be fatal ... Yesterday night, I felt like a paralytic stroke of my left leg while sleeping, but any how suddenly got up and I was safe … View thread »

How to recover from blood clot in brain? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Acute ischemic stroke is caused by thrombotic or embolic occlusion of a cerebral artery and is more common than hemorrhagic stroke ... A stroke is an abrupt deprivation of the blood flow to the brain due to a blockage or the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain … View thread »

Is my father's bladder bleeding due to taking Aspirin and Plavix? - Answered in Neurology

My opinion is based on the fact that if it can cause bladder bleeding, then it can similarly cause hemorrhagic stroke, which could cause more problems than the benefits ... Last year, he suffered a brain stroke on the right side of the brain, which caused paralysis on his left side of the body ... We just found out that five days before the stroke, he stopped all his medications (Aspirin, cholesterol medicine, Co-diovan, and Avodart) … View thread »

I want to completely cure paralysis in extremities caused due to stroke. Please help. - Answered in Internal Medicine

I cannot be sure without neuroimaging like CT scan brain or MRI brain whether it was an ischemic stroke (cessation of blood flow to the brain) or hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding into brain substance) ... Now, my right hand has not been in use ever since the stroke ... I want to ask you to help to vanish my strokeView thread »

How to prevent stroke? - Answered in Cardiology

Because high BP is an important cause of hemorrhagic stroke ... Hi doctor, Kindly give some tips on the ways to prevent stroke ... Here are some tips to prevent strokeView thread »

My friend is suffering from neuropathic pain after a thalamic stroke. Please help. - Answered in Neurology

She was diagnosed with a right thalamic hemorrhagic stroke with pericardial effusion, left hemiparesis, autoimmune thyroiditis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, ischemic unstable angina, grade 3 obesity, altered glucose tolerance, and depressive disorder … View thread »

Lifestyle Changes for Managing Hypertension - Published in Heart & Circulatory Health

It causes many cardiovascular problems in the body like coronary heart disease, congestive heart disease, ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, and renal failure … View thread »

How to Recognize a Warning Sign of Stroke? - Published in Neurological Health

Hemorrhagic stroke refers to bleeding from blood vessels of the brain inside or outside the skull ... It may be atheroembolic stroke or hemorrhagic stroke ... Stroke is also referred to as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or brain attack ... Stroke may cause permanent disability to one or two or all four extremities … View thread »

I had two episodes of high BP and fall. Am I at the risk of stroke? - Answered in Neurology

The above things can present in both hemorrhagic as well as ischemic stroke affecting the  ... Hi doctor, I had a stroke two weeks ago ...  Am I having a strokeView thread »

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