Can I get an HIV infection ten years after having unprotected sex? - Answered in Sexology

... cannot get an HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) now because you have been tested negative already. In most of the cases, the tests come positive within 12 weeks ... … View thread »

Can getting a tattoo transmit HIV infection? - Answered in Family Physician

It is true that unsterile needles used for tattooing can lead to the spread of certain blood-borne infections ... HIV virus is quite unstable outside the human body, so it is less likely for the virus to have been active on the needles, but we cannot rule out the chance of him acquiring the infectionView thread »

Are my symptoms indicative of HIV infection? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Hot breaths and acidity problems are non-specific symptoms and are not related to HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection ... The risk factors for HIV infection is having sex with unknown partners, whose HIV status is not known, or through blood transmission … View thread »

Are my symptoms due to HIV infection? I had a high-risk exposure 15 months ago. - Answered in HIV/AIDS specialist

Advanced stage of HIV with immune suppression usually occurs after 5 to 10 years of infection and not few days or months … View thread »

Will complete blood count show HIV infection? - Answered in HIV/AIDS specialist

Hello doctor, Will complete blood count test show HIV infection ... WBC (white blood cells) increase or decrease in the complete blood count can tell about a presence of infection, whether viral or bacterial, but it cannot specify which organism is causing it … View thread »

What are the chances of acquiring HIV infection? - Answered in HIV/AIDS specialist

Ever since, I have been worrying all the time about possible HIV infection ... Is it easy for HIV to cause infection once it enters through any of the above or does the body’s system resist and kill the virus at times … View thread »

Importance of Counseling and Psychosocial Aspects of HIV Infection - Published in HIV and AIDS

Counseling an individual with HIV infection is important because  ... HIV infection is lifelong … View thread »

What are the chances of acquiring a HIV infection from a used, hair-cutting blade? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Is there a risk of an HIV or other viral infection due to this ... Also, the chances of getting a Hepatitis B and C infection are higher than that of an HIVView thread »

After receiving tattoo, should I be concerned about HIV infection? - Answered in HIV/AIDS specialist

Even though the needle was new, is there any chance of infection from the gun grip or Vaseline or even anywhere else in the process ... Is there any reason to be concerned over a possible HIV infection here … View thread »

What are the possible ways I can get an HIV infection? - Answered in HIV/AIDS specialist

Also, can there be an HIV infection in such a case … View thread »

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