I have been having palpitations on and off. Should I get a 30-day Holter monitor? - Answered in Cardiology

I also had a 48-hour Holter monitor but was sick in bed the entire time ... Should I continue to push to get the 30-day Holter monitor or get a new cardiologist and make the trip ... My husband wants me to get a 30-day heart monitor, but after working with my current cardiologist's office, we have been unable to get one after two and a half months of them saying they are sending it … View thread »

What number of APCs are normal for a 24 year old female? - Answered in Internal Medicine

I can understand you may have Holter monitor or loop recorder ... PACs as you said, are premature atrial contractions, most of the time these are fairly benign rhythms and especially if your Holter did not record any atrial flutter or fibrillation or NSVT rhythm with that, it means its tendency to degenerate into an abnormal rhythm is very minimal ... Hello doctor, I had a 24-hour heart monitor on for tracing palpitations … View thread »

I felt lightheaded and like my heart stopped. What should I do? - Answered in Cardiology

I had an EKG, echocardiogram, and a Holter test done ... Holter tests showed supraventricular tachycardia but not extreme ... I understand you are a little worried about your heart and have been on the Holter monitor for a while ... Your Holter monitor findings seem to be pretty good … View thread »

Why CPVT is not evident on EKGs? - Answered in Cardiology

CPVT - catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia is a devastating condition and is usually found and detected on Holter monitor or on stress test if asymptomatic … View thread »

What could be the reason for my increased erratic heart palpitations? - Answered in Cardiology

My cardiologist ordered a 24-hour Holter but that seems to be dismissing this ... This is why the Holter monitor is not showing anything to indicate a problem … View thread »

My heart is beating fast. Is it due to anxiety or any underlying problem? - Answered in Cardiology

So, for now check your thyroid functions (T3, T4 and TSH - thyroid-stimulating hormone), ECG (electrocardiogram), echo (to see MR status) and Holter monitor (a 24-hour ECG) … View thread »

I feel uneasy and nervous. Is something wrong with my heart? - Answered in Cardiology

Your Holter monitor gives perfectly fine readings … View thread »

Why do I get violent diaphragm convulsion during sleep? - Answered in Cardiology

I had benign arrhythmias with follow up Holter monitor and stress test revealed no signs of heart disease ... Yes, in arrhythmia you have to remember that the Holter monitor only checks you for 48 hours or so … View thread »

Kindly share your opinion about my ventricular ectopic beats and VT. - Answered in Cardiology

Hi doctor, Recently, I had a Holter monitor, which showed 7000 ventricle ectopic beats and a few short runs of VT, only four beats or less than that … View thread »

Which anti-anxiety and insomnia medicine will not raise blood pressure and heart rate? - Answered in Psychiatry

All my tests like TMT, 2D echo, 48 hours Holter monitor, ECG, kidney or liver tests, blood tests, vitamin tests, etc are normal … View thread »

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