Hypertension and Hearing Loss - Published in Ear health

Hypertension is an independant risk factor for hearing loss as it alters the microcirculation in the inner ear and thus degeneration of the inner ear … View thread »

Hypertension: Overcome the Highs - Published in Heart & Circulatory Health

Your blood pressure value is considered as hypertension when constantly there is a blood pressure of more than 140/90 mmHg ... A family history of hypertensionView thread »

Hypertension - How Aware Are You? - Published in Heart & Circulatory Health

Please check the answer key and get to know how much you know about hypertension based on your score ... Not only does it help control your weight it also helps you relieve your stress, which incidentally happens to be another thing you can do to avoid hypertension from happening … View thread »

Hypertension and Skipping Anti-Hypertensive Pills - A Small Step Towards a Big Mistake - Published in Heart & Circulatory Health

Raised blood pressure is hypertension ... Hypertension or high blood pressure remains one of the most common ailments that affects the population of a great industrious nation today … View thread »

Hypertension medicines are causing side-effects. What medication to take? - Answered in Cardiology

Hello doctor, I have hypertension and also suffer from asthma ... I have reviewed your health query and can understand your worries about hypertension and appropriate medications … View thread »

Can hypertension cause dilated cardiomyopathy? - Answered in Cardiology

Can hypertension in itself cause dilated cardiomyopathy ... She is having HTN (hypertension) which may cause concentric LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy) … View thread »

Can hypertension cause severe headaches? - Answered in Internal Medicine

I was told that I have hypertension ... As you are so young, the cause of hypertension should be found out first … View thread »

Will hypertension cause early death? - Answered in Cardiology

... not likely to drop dead. You are hypertensive for a long time and that is why you are having left ventricular hypertrophy due to left ventricular remodeling ... … View thread »

Is systemic hypertension the same as high BP? - Answered in Cardiology

The diagnoses are minor coronary atherosclerotic disease and systemic hypertension ...  Is systemic hypertension the same as high BP … View thread »

Please suggest hypertension medicines which will not cause dyspnea. - Answered in Cardiology

Hello doctor,I have hypertension, and in my childhood, I suffered from asthma ... I have been prescribed ARB (angiotensin receptor blockers) to treat my hypertensionView thread »

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