Hip Joint Pain and Arthritis - Published in Orthopedic Health

The hip joint is one of the major weight-bearing joints in the body ... Anatomy: The hip joint is formed by the upper end of the thigh bone (femur) which is ball-shaped and cup-like bone called acetabulum ... Causes of Hip Joint Pain: A common cause of hip joint pain is arthritis ... When the edges of bare bones rub against each other, pain settles in and further damage of bone occurs … View thread »

Is joint pain a symptom of gout? - Answered in Orthopedics and Traumatology

Hi doctor, Over the last few weeks, my wife is suffering from joint pain in foot and right knee ... It is a condition of altered purine metabolism in the body in which crystals of monosodium urate deposit in the joints leading to inflammation comprising of severe pain, redness, local warmth, etc … View thread »

My joint pain is affecting my academics. Please suggest a permanent cure. - Answered in Rheumatology

Hello doctor, I have been experiencing joint pains in my waist, back, and neck for a year now ... Your predominant complaint is pain along the axial skeleton … View thread »

Prevention of Joint Pain in Old Age - Published in Orthopedic Health

Knee joint pain and backache especially in the lumbar region is a very common problem ... As a result of this they are more liable to fractures, backache and knee joint pain ... In most cases, these are preventable and treatable, but due to lack of knowledge most people suffer from disability and lot of painView thread »

I have joint pain. Please help. - Answered in Rheumatology

Hello doctor, I have pain in the joints ... I went through your post, you have not mentioned which joints are paining and whether you have swelling of joints also … View thread »

I get joint pains, 3 to 4 times a month. What to do? - Answered in Orthopedics and Traumatology

Hi doctor, I am suffering from joint pains from last two years ... I get pain in fingers, palms, knee joints, heels, and soles … View thread »

I have joint pain since delivery, especially in my hands. What could be the reason? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Hello doctor,I am 33 and since having my baby a year ago I am suffering from joint pain, especially in my wrists and fingers ... You have pain in the small joints of your body with an elevated CRP (C-reactive protein) level … View thread »

Can shoulder joint pain indicate the recurrence of Still's disease? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Now for the last four months, I am having severe shoulder joint pain restricting my left-hand movements MRI done shows mild arthritis, frozen shoulder, etc … View thread »

My back and joint pain persists even after 2 years of cesarean. Why? - Answered in Internal Medicine

After cesarean delivery, I had back and joint pain problem … View thread »

Can hypothyroidism cause joint pain, shivering and fever? - Answered in Endocrinology

Also, I am suffering from joint pain, shivering and fever … View thread »

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