I lack confidence in myself and cannot talk to new people. Please help me.

- Answered in Psychiatry

Hello doctor, I lack confidence when I am alone ... You need to develop confidence in yourself … View thread

I have a problem facing public and lack confidence. Please help.

- Answered in Psychiatry

I also have the problem of hyperhidrosis which increases the lack of confidence level ... I do not have any confidence in facing the public … View thread

I am tensed about my exams that are approaching. How to deal the situation?

- Answered in Psychiatry

You lack confidence and self-esteem ... Do lots of practice that will help you to build confidenceView thread

What can be done for depression with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation?

- Answered in Homeopathy

Since childhood, I lack confidence, remain depressed all time, poor concentration and memory, fearful nature ... I lack strength, too much exhausted, fatigue all the time, general debility, impotence, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count due to excessive masturbation, lack of vitality, alopecia, poor appetite, underweight, negative and unwanted thoughts all time, constipation, poor appetite, and digestion … View thread

Why am I unable to protest verbally though I can?

- Answered in Psychologist/ Counsellor

I have a feeling that either I am too gentle, less courageous, lack confidence or definitely soft natured and lack mental strength ... So, you will get some self-confidenceView thread

Homeopathic Travel Kit: A List of Remedies to Carry on Your Trip

- Published in Alternative Medicine

Cocculus - Cocculus is one of the best remedies for motion sickness and complaints following lack of sleep especially when it is from caring for others ... Gelsemium - It is mainly indicated in cold and cough or seasonal flu where a person gets very dull, feels drowsy, with lack of thirst, lacks confidence, body ache, weakness in muscles which develops anxiety and fear … View thread

Kindly suggest the best medicine for depression, anxiety, and lack of confidence.

- Answered in Psychiatry

Hello doctor,I have depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of energy and sleep, excess sweating, fast heartbeat from last 18 years … View thread

Why do I have the feelings of being judged?

- Answered in Psychiatry

Feelings of being judged, self-consciousness, lack of confidence, etc ... These drugs will help to reduce the social anxiety and you will regain the confidenceView thread

What should I do to be happy all over the day inspite of hurting myself?

- Answered in Psychiatry

But I am not sure those are just thoughts that makes me all the time unfocused on what is necessary at the moment , I also suffer from a lack of confidence in myself and cannot say that my situation is the worse but all these 19 years I only learned to hate and hurt myself more than anyone can else do to me … View thread

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