Understanding Low Back Pain - Published in Orthopedic Health

Low back pain is the second most common ailment with common cold being the first ... Previously, low back pain was considered age-related, that is, mostly seen in older individuals … View thread »

I have low back pain which is more in the morning and less in the evening.Why does this pattern occur? - Answered in Orthopedics and Traumatology

Hello doctor, I have low back pain since 5 years ... You have mentioned persistent low back pain for 5 years as your main problem ... The pain comes once in every 3 to 4 months … View thread »

I have low back pain and frequent urination after sex. Why? - Answered in Nephrology

All came back negative ... But, I have low back painView thread »

I am having low back pain for the past one month. Why? - Answered in Neurology

Hello doctor,I am facing low back pain from the last one month ... This could be the cause of your back painView thread »

What Causes Neck and Low Back Pain? - Published in Neurological Health

Pain in the neck or back can severely limit one's ability to function in everyday life and often causes great anxiety that a serious threatening condition may have arrived … View thread »

I am suffering from low back pain.Is it a big problem or should I not worry? - Answered in Orthopedics and Traumatology

Hello doctor, I am suffering from pain in the backbone ... The affected area is a very small portion at the end of the backbone ... Pain occurs when I press that portion with fingertip, but the pain is so light that I can endure it without any problem … View thread »

Why am I getting low back pain after C-section? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Occasionally since then, I am having light to medium pain in the lower back ... Especially, in the lower back on the both sides of center bone ... In the last few months, the pain has increased and is regular now … View thread »

Top 5 Tips to Treat Low Back Pain - Published in Orthopedic Health

Low back pain is a spine related symptom occurring due to various reasons ... Low back pain may disable a person from moving about … View thread »

I wake up with severe low back pain every morning. Please suggest a cure. - Answered in Spine health

Hello doctor,My problem is, I wake up in the morning and feel a severe pain in the lower back ... It is known that during sleep our back muscles relax ... So, back pain is particularly felt early in the morning due to a degenerative or inflammatory disease of the spinal elements … View thread »

How should I manage the low back pain after wrestling? - Answered in Neurology

Hello doctor, I have had excruciating lower back pain for over two weeks ... Thank you, doctor, I have pain and tingling from lower left back to the left knee ... Ibuprofen, muscle relaxants, and steroids have not touched the painView thread »

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