Will travelling to a place with high rates of pollution affect my lungs?

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Do you not think the pollution levels would have an effect on my lungs … View thread

I inhaled enamel paint residual fumes. How will the health be affected?

- Answered in Toxicology

The paints usually have toxic chemicals, which on long-term continuous inhalation (more than one month) definitely can accumulate sufficiently in lung and body, to produce the toxic effect ... This can produce local irritation on eyes, nose, lungs, and skin … View thread

Why a swollen lymph node that I have had for two years, has shrunk on taking Prednisone?

- Answered in Surgical oncology

The chest tightness has cleared up, but there is still a little irritation in my right lung area like I can feel something in my chest … View thread

I feel difficult to breathe while sleeping. Why?

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Acid causes irritation of diaphragm (sheet separating lungs from stomach), which can cause increased breathing ... The sensation of something stuck in the throat is severe irritation of throat due to increase in acidity in stomach … View thread

COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

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COPD is an inflammatory lung disease that causes a progressive obstruction of airflow ... Types Emphysema: In this condition, there is a destruction of the air sacs of the lungs and hence airway collapse ... They form more mucus as a result of the irritationView thread

Plastic Toxicity

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It can release toluene diisocyanate and can cause: Lung problems ... Polystyrene enters the body through food and is stored in body fat, and is believed to cause: Eyes, nose, and ear irritation ... They are known to cause: Eye irritationView thread

Is back pain a common sign of lung cancer?

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I wanted to know about the possible association of back pain with lung cancer ...  I have been reading a lot on the net about back pain as an early sign of lung cancer, and it really scared me ... I have had mild throat irritation for the past two weeks, which an ENT specialist checked and said is due to mucus dripping from the back of my nose into the throat … View thread

Inhaled a substantial amount of sanded grout. Feeling shortness of breath,throat irritation. Can you help?

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I have been doing some thorough research myself, but the amount of silica inhaled to be considered high concentration (enough to cause lung cancer or silicosis years from now) is a little unclear ... I have been feeling shortness of breath, throat irritation and tightening of the chest … View thread

How to find the reason for chest pain? Will you suggest tablet for gastritis?

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Raised white blood count suggests infection and pain in the chest area indicates lung involvement or heart involvement ... I would suggest you to carry out a chest x-ray and EKG (electrocardiogram) to rule out lung and heart pathology as the cause of her symptoms ... Our local physician said that it is due to some sort of stomach irritation from the increase in her white blood cell count … View thread

Why am I getting radiating pain on my chest, shoulders and neck?

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Pancoast tumor, which is a tumor of the uppermost portion of lung ... Nerve irritation known as cervical radiculopathy that is due to compression or irritation of a nerve root of the neck … View thread