An Insight into Mental Health - Published in Emotional and Mental Health

All this began after a marital discord with his wife ... Marital discord ... Sexual problems ... All that is required is a mental health expert (psychiatrist) to diagnose and treat these problems ... Memory problemsView thread »

What Is Premature Ejaculation? - Published in Men's Health

... young men ejaculate within a few seconds or with minimal strokes during sexual intercourse. It is very stressful for both partners when this happens, and it can even lead to ... … View thread »

Sexual Problems in Young Men - Published in Men's Health

It is very embarrassing for men to discuss their sexual problems with anyone, even a doctor ... But, I would like to tell these men that sexual problems are very commonly seen in men … View thread »

Is there something as sexual compatibility with a partner? - Answered in Sexology

Is there something like sexual compatibility ... You get an erection and can do intercourse because you are (probably) excited at the prospect of having sexual interaction with this woman, who you seem to have good chemistry with … View thread »

Where should I insert my penis during intercourse? - Answered in Sexology

... your query and understand your concerns. The vaginal opening is located at the junction of the upper two thirds and the lower one third between the two soft ... … View thread »

My fiancee has low sex drive. What could be the reason? - Answered in Internal Medicine

low sexual drive ... Proper pre-intercourse stimulation could greatly improve the sexual drive ... Let me mention few important causes: Compatibility problems:- Compatibility problems are one of the most important factors ... pelvis will help in identifying such problemsView thread »

I like to masturbate, but not sex. Why? - Answered in Sexology

If this did not work, then you need marital therapy ... It seems that you have a normal sexual drive as you masturbate on a daily basis, which is also a form of sexual activity ... It does not affect our physical, mental and sexual health ... As I turn it down, it is causing lots of problems between us … View thread »

I am having a marital problem because of my past relationship. Please help. - Answered in Psychologist/ Counsellor

But, I do not have any sexual feelings for her ... Whenever I foreplay with her, I hardly feel sexually aroused, and I do not get enough erection for penetration … View thread »

Assessment methods of Premature Ejaculation - Published in Sexual Health

Rapid or premature ejaculation is characterized as ejaculation occurring without voluntary control and with minimal sexual stimulation ... ejaculation occurs with minimal sexual stimulation before, on, or shortly after penetration' ... Young inexperienced men routinely ejaculate quickly, while men anxious to please new partners often encounter transient problemsView thread »


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