Please suggest a meal plan for my mother based on her recent reports. - Answered in Dietician

Whole grains (gluten-free) such as brown rice, oatmeal, arrowroot, ragi, corn, etc ... Take your meals with a small gap of two hours … View thread »

Can you give me a custom meal plan for weight gain? - Answered in Nutritionist

Take four small meals per day ... Thank you doctor, Can I get a customized diet plan for myself ... According to your age, height, and weight, this would be a suitable diet plan: For breakfast you can have two slices of bread with half a liter of milk or two slices of bread with 10 g of butter or 30 g of Poha that includes chiwda 5 g, vegetable 20 g, and oil or butter or two boiled eggs with a glass of milk or a glass of fresh fruit juice … View thread »

Kindly advise a diet to lower cholesterol. - Answered in Dietician

So, better you make soft, well cooked or sometimes semi-cooked when needed as per foods and meal plans at home ... Eat very less organic foods but more vegetables or plant based meals like vegan diet … View thread »

Healthy Travel Tips You Absolutely Need - Published in Fitness

, which you can have in between major meals in case you do not find fruits ... Make sure you do not miss any of the major meal ... Plan to eat curries and rice for lunch and not for dinner … View thread »

What foods can my wife take to improve fertility? - Answered in Dietician

Mainly go with plain vegetables, less rice, roti and all meals with very less oil (120 mL) only and also have all meals without spices ... Improper food habits and improper meal planning ... Meal plans and hormonal profile … View thread »

Can you suggest a vegetarian diet plan for getting a healthy and fit body? - Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

Consume three wholesome meals preferably homemade and two healthy snacks ... Below is a sample meal plan ... Can you suggest a diet plan for the whole day ... In order to give you a personalized diet plan, I need more information about: Your current diet and fitness goals … View thread »

To avoid diabetes during pregnancy, what diet should have to follow? - Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Please give likely a meal plan ... It is nothing, but simply divide your three major meals into six meals … View thread »

Hypertension - How Aware Are You? - Published in Heart & Circulatory Health

Question 6: High blood pressure means medications a) True b) False Answer: b While it does take time to individualize a treatment plan, a good treatment plan is likely to have the following components, elementary to a good plan: A well-balanced meal planView thread »

Myths and Facts About Hypertension or High Blood Pressure - Published in Heart & Circulatory Health

Myth 4 - 'Treatment Is About Giving Up Favoured foods, And Tolerating Serious Side Effects': While it does take time to individualize a treatment plan, a good treatment plan is likely to have following components, elementary to a good plan: A well balanced meal planView thread »

I have an issue with portion control. How to correct overeating? - Answered in Nutritionist

If you have trouble in controlling portions, try to follow the following tips: Have a full glass of water or one cucumber before each mealView thread »

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