I need a diet chart that includes high-fiber foods. Please help. - Answered in Internal Medicine

You can take oats and daliya for meals during any time of the day at least once ... This is the simplest diet plan anyone can follow … View thread »

How can I remain fertile for a longer period? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Regarding stomach and acidity, I suggest Ranitidine or Zantac 150 mg once daily before 45 minutes of your meal ... Reduce fat content to 7% of your daily intake and carbohydrates to 15 g per meal ... I do not know your current diet, it is difficult to construct a diet planView thread »

Are appetite suppressants helpful for overweight people? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Here, the patient is allowed to eat proper meals at a proper time and thus able to control appetite ... Evaluating for the cause of overweight like overeating or low physical activity, familial or endocrine, and proceeding with a proper diet plan, which provides the patient with the required amount of food with low calories, a good workout, plenty of oral fluids, and good sleeping habits should work … View thread »

I have a pain, swelling and stiffness in my neck. Please suggest a treatment. - Answered in Internal Medicine

Until then, you can use a cervical collar, apply Voveran gel (topical Diclofenac), take analgesics like Diclofenac and Paracetamol tablets twice a day after meals and heating pad as you are already using ... The further plan of management would be done only after that … View thread »

Why am I so lean even after eating healthy foods? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Eat five to six small balanced meals per day rather than eating three large meals … View thread »

Why do I have a big belly? - Answered in Internal Medicine

After a meal with five roti and a cup of rice, I will feel hungry within an hour or two ... This drug reduces the absorption of fat and helps in weight loss if used in conjugation with diet plans and exercise … View thread »

What could be the reason for continuous mucus and gas formation with a bad smell? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Capsule Entroflora (Probiotic) twice a day for five days and syrup Meyerzyme (fungal diastase plus pepsin) two teaspoon before large meals for 15 days ... I had taken test plan previously as suggested by you … View thread »

What does noncoronary sinus of valsalva prominent in CT scan mean? - Answered in Internal Medicine

At this level, in the coronal plane, the aortic root measures 40 cm in diameter … View thread »

I have underactive bladder. Kindly advice how I can have normal urination. - Answered in Internal Medicine

Plan with your urologist to get rid of Foley with voiding trail with a straight catheter, start above combination right now (I just mentioned generic names of drugs, trade names may be different) … View thread »

Had painkillers for toothache and feeling bloated stomach. What to do? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Have some walk after having food instead of taking rest and take multiple small meals instead of heavy meals … View thread »

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