For depression, would it be sorted out if I go for counseling?

- Answered in Psychiatry

Breath relaxation exercises or meditation is also helpful, but not a substitute for medications … View thread

Why do I overthink and feel anxious around people?

- Answered in Psychiatry

I would advise you to try deep breathing exercise, meditation, yoga, etc … View thread

Why am I suffering from low libido and erection problems?

- Answered in Endocrinology

Yoga and meditation help as well … View thread

Kindly explain the ways to get through depression.

- Answered in Psychiatry

Meditation daily for at least half an hour in the morning helps you relax and eases your anxiety … View thread

How can we manage the changes that happen during menopause?

- Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Yoga and meditation or deep breathing exercise can also help to control these symptoms ... Do yoga or meditation daily … View thread

Why it is very hard to obtain and maintain erection?

- Answered in Sexology

Yoga and meditation are also beneficial … View thread

My foot moves up and down while lying down. Please advise.

- Answered in Paediatric Surgery

People often report that relaxation exercises like yoga or meditation can help reduce their symptoms … View thread

Is operation of disc necessary or can it be done by exercise?

- Answered in Orthopedics and Traumatology

If it is a mild compression, you can manage with exercise and meditationView thread

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