I have severe nasal congestion.Can I use Pseudoephedrine and Otrivin together? - Answered in Allergy Specialist

I have severe nasal congestion from a suspected cold or sinus infection (I have not been to the doctor yet) ... When Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed tablets) was not working, the pharmacist suggested to try Otrivin Plus nasal spray ... Both have similar actions and will act to decrease the nasal congestion and relieve the blocked nose … View thread »

I have chronic nasal congestion, and my lymphocyte count is high. Will you Suggest any solutions? - Answered in Hematology

From the past three weeks, I have nasal congestion, which is not getting cured ... PNS (paranasal sinuses) x-ray … View thread »

I have chronic nasal congestion. Kindly suggest some natural remedy. - Answered in Naturopathy

Hello doctor, I have a runny nose, chronic nasal congestion, chills when cold, sneezing triggered by scents, cat, stress, cold, cigarette smoke and cleaning products … View thread »

What causes running nose and nasal congestion? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Hi doctor, Whenever I sit or lie under a fan or walk outside when it is windy, I suffer from running nose and nasal congestion ... You appear to have two issues, one is allergic sinusitis, and another one is DNS (deviated nasal septum) … View thread »

Is Levocetirizine sufficient to cure nasal congestion and cough? - Answered in Allergy Specialist

I am suffering from nasal congestion and cough ... Cold and nasal congestion can be alleviated using nasal decongestant drops, like Xylometazoline 01% or Oxymetazoline 005% … View thread »

I have tickly dry cough and nasal congestion. Please suggest a medicine. - Answered in General Medicine

Hello doctor,I have a tickly dry cough since yesterday and some nasal congestion ... At present, you should have betadine gargles four times a day and tablet Allegra (Fexofenadine) 120 mg once a day for three to four days for nasal congestionView thread »

I need help for my rebound nasal congestion. - Answered in Otolaryngology (E.N.T)

Hi doctor, I am here to get help for rebound nasal congestion ...  Two years ago, I started using Oxymetazoline nasal spray for mild allergy ...  My symptoms are severe nasal congestion which requires using nasal spray four to five times … View thread »

I am using Nasivion daily for nasal congestion. Shall I continue the same? - Answered in Allergy Specialist

Subsequently, you will have to put yourself on Flomist nasal spray (Fluticasone propionate) two puffs in each nostril twice daily for two weeks and thereafter once daily for a month … View thread »

How to get quick relief from cold and nasal congestion? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Now, she has severe cold, nasal congestion and ear congestionView thread »

Can Zyrtec be given to help cure running nose and nasal congestion in a kid? - Answered in Paediatrics

Hello doctor, My 3-year-old son weighing 19 kg seems to develop running nose along with nasal congestion today afternoon ... We have a nasoclear nasal spray, however, he is extremely reluctant in taking it ... Is there anything else we could do for his nasal congestionView thread »

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