My wife is having pain on the belly button. What course of action has to be taken? - Answered in Medical gastroenterology

Most likely, it is a neurogenic pain as it is sharp on touch ... Hi doctor, My wife is having pain on the belly button ... She feels this pain for the last five to seven days … View thread »

My feet is numb and tingly. Is it due to nerve entrapment? - Answered in Neurology

As per your description, your pain is kind of a neurogenic pain ... I suggest you increase the medications for neurogenic pain: Gabapentin 300 mg, thrice daily ... This started one week after a 27 km run, where I suddenly got pain in my feet and had to stop ... The pain went away, but the tingling started in my left foot one week later … View thread »

I have spinal stenosis and pain in legs. Kindly tell me the solution. - Answered in Internal Medicine

Pain also includes my legs down, foot, hips and standing more than ten minutes cannot bear ... For spinal stenosis, a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug like Ibuprofen or Paracetamol can be prescribed to relieve pain and inflammation … View thread »

Typing on the keyboard causes a shoulder pain from three years. Please help. - Answered in Internal Medicine

I think the pain is neurogenic originating from the compression of a nerve in the neck ... Hello doctor, I have been using the computer every day for ten years and have developed a right shoulder pain in the last three years ... Now, I have to use the mouse with my left hand due to frequent pain in the right shoulder … View thread »

Keyhole Spine Surgery - a Boon to Spine Health - Published in Neurological Health

Spinal stenosis or degenerative spinal diseases, neurogenic claudication ... Diseases That Can Be Treated with Keyhole Spine Surgery: Lumbar radiculopathy, which is commonly known as slipped disc or disc herniation or back pain or sciatica … View thread »

Can my back pain be due to the tethered spinal cord? - Answered in Neurology

I had an EMG that showed acute neurogenic lesion annular distribution at L4-5 and L5-S1 ... I had an MRI two months later due to severe pain ... including severe back pain with a  … View thread »

Why am I having pain, numbness and bladder control issues? - Answered in Radiology

The probable diagnosis: Neuropathy and neurogenic bladder ... The involvement of sacral nerves leads to neurogenic bladder issues as in your case ... Hi doctor, I am a 27-year-old male and have pain, numbness and bladder control issues ... Pain numbness and bladder control issues point towards spine pathology … View thread »

Is it possible to treat pain while walking through physiotherapy or medicines? - Answered in Neurology

The symptoms you have described are suggestive of neurogenic claudication due to the neuro-foraminal stenosis and disc bulges in the spine ... Last year I had undergone angiography as an age-based test and symptom of pain on starting walking short distance a few meters ... This problem of feeling pain when walk some meters started four years back … View thread »

Apart from getting injections, what treatments are available for seborrheic dermatitis? - Answered in Dermatology

The pain, as you describe, could even be neurogenic in view of a past history of trauma to the skin ... I developed fibromyalgia from the wreck, which is supposed to be relatively non-progressive, however as the years went by I started experiencing debilitating neck pain paired with even worse migraines … View thread »

Ayurvedic Management of Anal Fistula - Published in Alternative Medicine

Ksharsutra can also concomitantly be applied in patients suffering from fistula-in-ano or anorectal diseases associated with diabetes, hypertension, neurogenic disorders, cardiac diseases and also in tuberculous/cancerous fistulae ... There may be intermittent swelling with pain, itching, discomfort and discharge of pus in the perineal or perianal region … View thread »

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