Blood sugar fasting 97, HbA1c 6.89 and mean blood glucose 144. Why? - Answered in Diabetology

I would suggest getting an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) ... But, my HbA1c is 689 with mean blood glucose at 144 ... This is suggestive of a possible impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) ... Hello doctor, I got my blood test results today … View thread »

Kindly give your opinion on the routine health checkup report of my mother. - Answered in General Medicine

You need to perform an oral GTT (oral glucose tolerance test ) to confirm this … View thread »

To avoid diabetes during pregnancy, what diet should have to follow? - Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

If the repeat OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) also shows similar values, then you would have to be started on human Insulin for controlling your sugar levels ... This weekend I had my glucose tolerance test (3 hours) and on which I failed badly ... I know they are bad, but my doctor never told me to follow a strict diet of three to five days prior to the testView thread »

Am I diabetic or prediabetic or IGT? - Answered in Internal Medicine

  If you want to confirm, then you can go for OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) with 50 g 1 hour, 75 g 2 hours or 100 g 3 hours test which will monitor your body's ability to break down glucose following a fixed glucose load ... Hi doctor,My friend advised me to check my glucose on her glucometer ... I have never had an OGTT or any other test for diabetes before … View thread »

I am 6 months pregnant with high random sugar level. Will it affect my baby? - Answered in Diabetology

He or she will recommend you to undergo a test called the oral glucose tolerance test ... I did a random blood sugar test so range was 218 … View thread »

Is there anything to be worried in my test reports? - Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

The OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) with 75 g glucose level has a cutoff value of 180 mg/dL ... Also, I have tested for a GCT single sample after taking 75 g of glucose and TSH ... I have done the following tests: CBC with PS, ESR (Westergren's method) and routine urine examination … View thread »

I am losing my hair density due to hair fall problem. Please help. - Answered in Dermatology

OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test), TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone test) and serum creatinine … View thread »

Why is there a recurring infected sore with pus on my skin? - Answered in Dermatology

So, I got oral antibiotics from the doctor and it cleared in about four days ... Investigation to be done: Oral glucose tolerance test ... Hence we need to take a look at your blood glucose levels ... Thank you doctor, I have attached my latest blood test results … View thread »

In thalassemia minor, is HbA1c test a reliable one? - Answered in Internal Medicine

The laboratory tests like FBS (fasting blood sugar), PPBS (postprandial blood sugar) and OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) are credible ... There are other glycated proteins that can be used to monitor glucose control like glycated albumin or fructosamine ... Being thalassemia minor, is my HbA1c test reliable to decide my diabetic medication ...  Owing to HbA1c test, the doctor changed my medicines three days back and prescribed Glycomet GP 2 forte, Zemiglo 50 and Voglibose 02 … View thread »

Have You Been Diagnosed With Diabetes? Read This To Know What Next - Published in Diabetes Health

Tests include: Glycated hemoglobin test (HbA1c), Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS), Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT), Random Blood Sugar (RBS), Postprandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) ... Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus: Diabetes is diagnosed by testing sugar levels in your blood … View thread »

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