How many times a day should I brush my teeth? - Answered in Dentistry

The best oral hygiene maintenance method is to brush your teeth with a soft or medium toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste … View thread »

The pain is getting worse after a week of wisdom teeth extractions. What to do? - Answered in Dentistry

I would like to advice you that reduction of pain not only depends on the medicines, but also on effective infection control, oral hygiene maintenance, and rest … View thread »

How to keep breath fresh all day? - Answered in Dentistry

Breath can be kept fresh by maintaining oral hygiene ... The basic oral hygiene maintenance is more than enough to keep you healthy and fresh … View thread »

My teeth are yellow.Is scaling only a temporary process to clean the teeth? - Answered in Dentistry

You have given an excellent description of the clinical condition of your oral cavity ... Because children at this age tend to be playful and do not concentrate on oral hygiene ... Continuous oral hygiene maintenance after scaling is mandatory to prevent recurrence of plaque and calculi … View thread »

Periodontitis - Published in Dental & Oral Health

Periodontitis Overview It is one of the most common oral conditions that affect the supporting structures of teeth (periodontium) along with gums, including both soft and hard tissues (bone) ... Hence, the predisposing causative factors include: Improper oral hygiene maintenance: improper brushing method or habits leading to plaque accumulation, thereby calculus formation, ultimately recession of gums … View thread »

How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene? - Published in Dental & Oral Health

In an individual, oral health is one of the foremost indicator of any underlying infection, disease or medical condition ... Everyone should remember one important thing that, mouth along with its intraoral environment is an important indicator of many underlying dieases ... Symptoms of Poor Oral Hygiene: Bleeding gums - can be usually found in at least 1/3rd of the population ... Inflamed and reddened gums - can be found in children who are careless about their oral hygiene and whose parents are unable to guide them about proper oral hygiene maintenanceView thread »

Please clarify if my dental problem is curable. - Answered in Endodontist

Inadequate oral hygiene maintenance ...  Your father surely needs oral prophylaxis … View thread »

Post Extraction Instructions for Children and Adults - Published in Dental & Oral Health

Consult a dentist online for queries regarding oral hygiene maintenance after tooth extraction … View thread »

What is the effective treatment followed for dry socket? - Answered in Dentistry

You should follow oral hygiene instructions strictly … View thread »

Can I have dry socket even after placing bone graft in the extracted socket? - Answered in Dentistry

Follow proper oral hygiene and follow all the instructions given by the surgeon … View thread »

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