Can physiotherapy help my mom recover from a one-sided paralysis? - Answered in Neurology

At the very instant she had it, we started physiotherapy ... In the report, it was mentioned that both the ICA are normal and we continued the physiotherapyView thread »

Can physiotherapy heal diastasis recti? - Answered in Physiotherapy

Can physiotherapy heal (close) my diastasis ... Diastasis is usually hard to heal up completely only with physiotherapyView thread »

Will physiotherapy help to treat Erb's palsy? - Answered in Physiotherapy

Hi doctor, My daughter has Erbs palsy but we did physiotherapy for three months and the doctor said she is fine but she is still struggling with the hand and this is about six months after the doctor discharged us … View thread »

When can physiotherapy be started after bilateral hip replacement surgery? - Answered in Physiotherapy

Is it advisable to do physiotherapy now ... First, non-weight-bearing physiotherapy should be done, followed by partial and full weight-bearing exercises … View thread »

Can I follow physiotherapy to cure AVS? - Answered in Orthopedics and Traumatology

... is an irreversible disease. Once the process has started, it cannot be reverted. The rate of progress depends on person to person. The treatment ... … View thread »

Can you suggest physiotherapy treatment for plantar fasciitis and knee pain? - Answered in Physiotherapy

... followed by you is good. You should follow that regularly for the next one month. For the plantar fasciitis, I suggest the following: Calf muscle ... … View thread »

Can I try physiotherapy for my shoulder pain? - Answered in Fitness Expert

Can I try physiotherapy for the pain ... What physiotherapy have you had … View thread »

Managing Sciatica Pain with Physiotherapy - Published in Physiotherapy Or Physiohealth

For more information consult a lower back pain physiotherapy specialist online … View thread »

I could not bear the pain while doing physiotherapy for leg injury. Why? - Answered in Orthopedics and Traumatology

Yesterday, when was going through physiotherapy for my left leg, it started paining a lot ... You need to continue physiotherapyView thread »

Is it possible to treat pain while walking through physiotherapy or medicines? - Answered in Neurology

Questions: Is it possible to treat this pain by physiotherapy or medicine or both or any other method ... Physiotherapy- strengthening of supporting muscles for flexion exercises can help take pressure off the spine … View thread »

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