I suffer from poor erection and premature ejaculation. Please advise treatment. - Answered in Andrology

I suffer from poor erection (two years) and premature ejaculation (since start) ... Do you get early morning erections … View thread »

I suffer from premature ejaculation and poor erection.I have tried herbal/ayurveda products with no results at all.Please help. - Answered in Sexology

But I suffer from premature ejaculation and poor erection since 10 years ... In regard to the current medication, I would like to inform you that Parocen CR is one option for premature ejaculation but does not have any effect on weak erectionView thread »

Why am I having problems with erection? - Answered in Sexology

Poor erection in most individuals occurs due to psychological reasons ... Recently, I was not able to get an erection while doing sex and was also ejaculating very soon … View thread »

How can I improve my erection? - Answered in Sexology

The cause of poor erection is due to poor blood to penile vasculature ... The main cause is that a young person like you is psychological in nature like anxiety or tension due to poor communication between the partner or due to depression, fatigue, stress ... My age is 29, from the last 8 to 9 days, I did not have a proper erectionView thread »

Are herbal medicines effective in curing erectile dysfunction? - Answered in Sexology

Levosulpiride results in increased prolactin concentration and thus ultimately poor erection ... I am not able to get full erection ...  Even if I get full erection, I ejaculate very early … View thread »

Why am I not able to ejaculate during sexual intercourse? - Answered in Psychiatry

This could be occurring due to poor erection or reduced libido or anxiety ... I have had a penile implant several years ago so getting an erection is not an issue … View thread »

Please suggest medicine for PE in male with diabetes and high blood pressure. - Answered in Sexology

In a lot of patients with diabetes and hypertension, the main reason for poor erection is poor blood pressure and sugar control ... To get a strong and hard erection, you can think of using tablet Udenafil 50 mg tablets … View thread »

I am having a bruise at the base of the penis shaft with pain after intercourse. Kindly advise. - Answered in Urology

If not repaired, it may lead to poor erections in the future … View thread »

Why am I not able to sustain my erection? - Answered in Sexology

Both these investigations will rule out any hormonal cause of the poor erection ...  I am attaching the laboratory test reports for your perusal, which do not show symptoms of poor erection ... Hi doctor, I am getting erection, but it gets disappear in a few seconds during intercourse ... I also feel that my erection is not 100% hard … View thread »

What medicine should I take to cope up with my ED? - Answered in Sexology

As, the reason for poor erection is psychological, the best way to cope with this is to take rest for a few days and spend a lot of time in foreplay ... But, while having sex the erection goes off along with excitement ... For removing fatigues and to perform better, I started taking ayurvedic herbal medicine, but it did not help to do intercourse as my erection cannot sustain long … View thread »

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