Can I reduce weight by going to gym? - Answered in General Medicine

You have to reduce your weight to around 65 kg to live a healthy life ... First, reduce your weight by severe dieting, eating very less ... My weight is 100 kg and height is 5'5" ... You are overweight … View thread »

How to reduce weight soon by following diet? - Answered in General Practitioner

These simple procedures will help you to reduce weight by one or two kilos per month ... Hi doctor, I started to follow a diet to lose weight and tried eating foods with low calories … View thread »

How to reduce weight through yoga? - Answered in Yoga

My weight is 110 kg and I feel myself unfit ... I want to start practicing yoga for weight loss … View thread »

How can I reduce weight? - Answered in Nutritionist

But it seems like my weight plateaued ... So for now, I am frustrated and worried why am I not losing weightView thread »

Is there any way to reduce weight after pregnancy? - Answered in Psychologist/ Counsellor

I am trying to lose my weight but nothing is working ... It is too early to think of weight loss, especially when you are feeding your baby … View thread »

What are the ways to reduce weight in a thyroid patient? - Answered in Fitness Expert

How can I reduce my weight ... The best way to reduce weight is vigorous exercise … View thread »

I have hypothyroidism. I want to reduce weight. Please advise me the diet and exercises. - Answered in Endocrinology

 I want to reduce my weight now ... Weight - 75kgs, height - 5'4" … View thread »

Can I use L-Carnitine to reduce weight? - Answered in Dietician

Well, I am sorry to inform you that it is a myth that L-Carnitine reduces weight by burning fat ... I know that you can easily find thousands of websites on the internet which claims that consuming their energy drinks and supplements containing L-Carnitine will burn out excess fat and will reduce weight ... My weight is 84 kg … View thread »

Kindly suggest a diet plan to reduce weight and belly fat. - Answered in Dietician

Hello doctor, I am trying to reduce my weight and belly fat, but I am not able to reduce my belly fat successfully ... I want to reduce my belly fat without getting kidney stones ... Also, reduce your calorie to lose weight with low carbohydrate diet … View thread »

Suggest me any medicine and guide me reduce weight. - Answered in Fitness Expert

 Please suggest me any medicine to reduce weight ... The best way to reduce weight is by regular physical exercise and balanced diet ... My weight is 65 kg ... I want to lose my weight about 4 to 5 kg … View thread »

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