Can reactive thrombocytosis cause stroke? - Answered in Internal Medicine

It may happen if you have other risk factors for stroke like hypertension and high cholesterol ... Having thrombocytosis puts you at risk of having a stroke ... I am afraid it might be a combination of all the factors including anemia, trauma to the vessel and the predisposing factors for stroke (hypertension and high cholesterol) ... Upon workup, patient presented with thrombocytosis, elevated WBC, severely depleted iron levels and MRI and CT scan confirmed acute ischemic strokeView thread »

How to Recognize a Warning Sign of Stroke? - Published in Neurological Health

Risk Factors for Stroke: Some of the major causes responsible for stroke are as follows: High blood pressure ... 2) High Blood Pressure: High blood pressure increases four to five times the risk of stroke ... Stroke is also referred to as a cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or brain attack ... Stroke may cause permanent disability to one or two or all four extremities … View thread »

May I know the reason for slurred speech in a paralyzed person? - Answered in Internal Medicine

The patient will also be evaluated for the risk factors of stroke like high blood pressure and have to be managed accordingly ... Modifiable risk factors like hypertension, hypercoagulable status ... Paralyzed patients have a tendency to get stroke when they have already had it ... This could be a recurrence of stroke and the patient should be taken to a hospital as a CT scan without contrast needs to be done to know if he has again developed a strokeView thread »

Should we continue hospitalization for my mom or take her home? - Answered in Neurology

Along with that, it is required to try to find out the risk factors of stroke, so that further long term treatment can be decided ... Possibly, your doctor will start it when she is better and the bleeding risk is reduced ... Hello doctor, My mother got a brain stroke last month ... She got another stroke on the first week this month … View thread »

Stroke: Who Can Get It? - Published in Neurological Health

There are numerous risk factors for stroke ... The people who have these risk factors are more commonly known to have stroke ... Stroke, known as Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) occurs due to poor blood flow to the brain, thereby causing improper functioning of that part of brain … View thread »

How to Extend Your Healthy Life Years!!! - Published in Healthy Living (Wellness & Prevention)

Some are unpreventable risks like genetics, etc ... But many are the preventable risks that we all should know about ... e, the heart disease has the following associated major risk factors: Hypertension (high blood pressure), deranged lipid profile (high cholesterol levels), sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity, tobacco consumption, substandard diet plans, age of the person and gender ... Heart diseases, cancer and stroke are the most notorious ones amongst all of them ... StrokeView thread »

Why am I not able to control my BP with medicines? - Answered in Cardiology

Also, such high BP for years increases the risk of stroke ... So, a brain MRI should be done to rule out any risk for stroke in the near future … View thread »

Am I a possible candidate for stroke? - Answered in Cardiology

He told me I should see a cardiologist fairly soon, as he has worries about where that plaque is coming from and that I am a possible candidate for a strokeView thread »

Is stroke along with bleeding inside brain worrisome? - Answered in Neurology

Hi doctor, I got a stroke but I do not know how to explain it ... Twice I was bleeding along with the strokeView thread »

I had two episodes of high BP and fall. Am I at the risk of stroke? - Answered in Neurology

I must acknowledge that post-menopausal age and recent history of stroke adds to the risk of stroke and I do not think we should take it lightly ... Hi doctor, I had a stroke two weeks ago ...  Am I having a strokeView thread »

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