How can I manage depression and anxiety? - Answered in Psychiatry

The symptoms like sad mood, crying spells could be due to some mood disturbance ... , are part of anxiety and mood disturbance … View thread »

I am being emotionally abused. Please help. - Answered in Psychiatry

All my friends left me because of my bad mood and sadness ... You are having symptoms of both depression (sad mood, forgetfulness, depersonalization, feeling of helplessness, suicidal ideation, loss of concentration) and anxiety (restlessness, heaviness) … View thread »

I feel sad and depressed. I get a lot of negative thoughts. Please help me. - Answered in Psychiatry

Symptoms that are commonly present in a depressed patient are: Sad mood ... You need more focus on raising the mood and concentration with the help of medication … View thread »

Depression - Awareness, Self-Diagnosis, and Treatment Modalities - Published in Emotional and Mental Health

Low mood and sadness, which is persistent and pervades all other mood states ... ), mood stabilizers (Lithium, as it has anti-suicidal properties, Carbamazepine, Oxcarbazepine, etc … View thread »

How to know if someone is depressed? - Answered in Psychiatry

The characteristic features of depression are: Low mood or sad mood can be associated with easy irritability, which is persisting for the most of the day and is pervasive as well … View thread »

Why do I get unwanted thoughts and headache? - Answered in Psychologist/ Counsellor

Do you have any other symptoms like sad mood, irritability, sleep quality and recent change in appetite … View thread »

I have been experiencing memory loss.I also feel extremely tired and my hands are shaky. - Answered in Psychiatry

I would like to tell you other symptoms which can be suggestive of depressive disorder are low mood/sad mood, loss of interest in work, hopelessness, appetite disturbances, reduced concentration and attention … View thread »

An Insight into Mental Health - Published in Emotional and Mental Health

As a curtain raiser, here is a list of few symptoms which may suggest psychiatric illnesses: Sad mood/depression … View thread »

I feel sad, cranky and tired. What can I do? - Answered in Family Physician

... to be suffering from major depressive disorder. You need to take medication for your disorder and be active in your life. Try to do exercise daily like just go ... … View thread »

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