Why do I feel some heaviness in head after a brawl on the phone? - Answered in Psychiatry

I can suggest you write down all your thoughts and fears regarding the incident in a diary ... Let all your thoughts flow out without inhibition … View thread »

How to control my habit of overthinking? - Answered in Psychiatry

Sometimes we do not have control over our thoughts ... The train of our thoughts goes running continuously, and sometimes it reaches a destination which is so different than the actual goal … View thread »

Do vitamin B12 shots cause derealization symptoms? - Answered in Neurology

It is also possible that you are excessively sensitive to minor changes in thinking process … View thread »

I am getting angry by remembering old incidents. Should I see a psychiatrist? - Answered in Psychiatry

 I try to avoid these thoughts actively, but they do surface ... The thoughts seem quite repetitive and not in your control from what you are saying … View thread »

Why do a lot of thoughts prevent me from falling asleep? - Answered in Psychologist/ Counsellor

I am also very tensed when I try to sleep, lots of thoughts come to my mind regarding my life, my past, and my future ... I completely understand that you are concerned about your sleep timing and have difficulty in initiating sleep due to excessive thoughtsView thread »

I suffer from premature ejaculation and poor erection.I have tried herbal/ayurveda products with no results at all.Please help. - Answered in Sexology

During every sexual act, sensitive and quick ejaculation occurs ... Factors that relieve the problem - thoughts, situations, partner, place etc ... Thoughts and anxiety about quick ejaculation/short performance of sexual act becomes a factor … View thread »

Is there any permanent cure for my unwanted thoughts? - Answered in Psychiatry

Now, the only difference is that I have just become fearful and sensitive of them as if I am the only one having them ... Hi doctor, I am keep on getting unwanted thoughts and feelings related to the environment around in the vicinity ... These thoughts and feeling are being like quite instantaneous, mild and unavoidable … View thread »

How often should I wash my face in case of sensitive, acne-prone skin? - Answered in Dermatology

I have sensitive, acne-prone skin … View thread »

How can a dent in hard palate due to hot food be cured? - Answered in Dentistry

The mucosa of palate is very sensitive as compared to the tongue … View thread »

I am scared that what I saw in a scary movie will happen to me. Please help. - Answered in Sexology

Fortunately, our body is so sensitive to private part stimulation that even a light touch can be noticed despite the presence of deep sleep ... It is normal to some extent to have scary thoughts after visualizing scary scenes in the movies or real life ... The kind of idea which you are experiencing is known as intrusive thoughts and mostly very scary and distressful … View thread »

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