Kindly tell me how HIT exercise boosts the mood. - Answered in General Medicine

When talking about exercise to boost your mood, it is thereby wise to focus on the ones that raise your blood serotonin levels significantly … View thread »

What to do for sleep disorder? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Also, go for brisk walking for at least half an hour daily as it increases serotonin level in the blood, which helps in a sound sleep … View thread »

Will Adepix interfere with anesthesia during sleeve bariatric surgery? - Answered in Anesthesiology

Adipex is Phentermine which is Noradrenaline and Serotonin reuptake inhibitor which causes high blood pressure and an increase in heart rate in association with anesthetic medicines … View thread »

I am suffering from ED. How to correct it? - Answered in Diabetology

My blood report indicates: FSH, LH, Serotonin, and Estradiol below normal ... Fasting and postprandial blood sugars, HbA1c, fasting thyroid profile, fasting lipid profile, serum vitamin D, and B12 levels … View thread »

Do you think low serotonin can cause fatigue, loss of energy and appetite? - Answered in Neurology

I have had several blood examinations and they all come out good and I also have a tube in my stomach to check for any issues and it was all good … View thread »

My 5 year old son's serotonin level is 583 ng/mL. Does he have a carcinoid tumor? - Answered in Medical oncology

So, we did chromogranin A blood test ... We have not done any radiology tests yet, just this blood work … View thread »

What might help a person with difficulty in processing information and direction? - Answered in Neurology

I suggest doing complete blood count and checking thyroid hormone levels … View thread »

I feel a loss of consciousness when I am off of Paxidep. What should be done? - Answered in Internal Medicine

I consulted a neurophysician and he told me it is due to low supply of blood to the brain due to standing ... Clinically, your symptoms are suggestive of a postural related drop in blood pressure … View thread »

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