I have pain and blisters in the big toe whenever I wear shoes. Please guide me. - Answered in Cosmetology

Recently, pus had collected after a four-hour journey wearing shoes and as soon as I plucked the skin tip which I generally keep doing, it oozed out … View thread »

Skin Care Tips for Men - Published in Skin and Beauty

Many patients and friends constantly ask me what to do to make their skin fair ... There are some differences between the skin of a man and a woman ... Now, let us see the skin care tips that men should follow ...   Being a dermatologist, I would suggest that any beauty and skin care tips which are useful for women are also useful and effective for menView thread »

Skin Care Tips to Avoid Pimples - Published in Dermatologists and Skin Care

Medical Name: Acne vulgaris Pimples or acne is a common skin condition of adolescents and teenagers due to blockage of pores of oil producing glands which results in blackheads, bumps and nodules on the skin of face, upper arms, and trunk ... Preventive Measures and Skin Care: Although it is not possible to completely prevent pimples, still a lot can be done to minimize their intensity and chances of recurrence … View thread »

Skin Care Tips To Win Over Winter - Published in Skin and Beauty

Skin, the largest and the most attractive organ of our body faces a lot of challenges during winters ... Cold, dry winters tend to steal the moisture from your skin making it appear flaky, dry and dull ... Consult a dermatologist online to know more about skin care ... A Few Tips for "WOW" Skin this Winter: Avoid excessive cleansing of your skinView thread »

Acne: Skin Care Tips and Treatment Options - Published in Skin and Beauty

Sebaceous gland produces oil that is expelled out through the duct which opens on the skin surface ... As long as this duct is intact, oil flows freely out onto the skinView thread »

Please suggest some skin care tips to get a healthy glowing skin. - Answered in Internal Medicine

I have dry and sensitive skin ... I noticed some changes in my skin ... Please suggest some best skin care products for daily use to get a glowing and healthy skinView thread »

How can I manage dry skin? - Answered in Dermatology

Hello doctor, I have a very dry skin to the point that it is stinging and very uncomfortable ... Kindly give me recommendations for managing very dry skin ... Let me give you a few skin care tips for dry skin in general … View thread »

I have red areas on my face. Is this rosacea? - Answered in Dermatology

I have also noticed that my skin has become a little leathery ... However, if it is rosacea, I would like to mention few skin care tips here: Avoid having very hot beverages like coffee, tea, and avoid spices … View thread »

In winters, my skin gets very dry. What cream would suit me? - Answered in Dermatology

Now, in winters, my skin is getting very dry and also getting white ... I want to know which face cream suits me for dry skin ... However, I would like to mention few skin care tips for pimples … View thread »

Please suggest some medicine for pimples on my back? - Answered in Dermatology

Follow some skin care tips such as avoid applying cream and moisturizer, avoid wearing tight clothes and reduce the intake of sugary foods … View thread »

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