Will sleep deprivation cause any permanent changes in brain? - Answered in Neurology

Hi doctor, I do not used to sleep a lot from early age ... Daily to the maximum I will sleep for 6-7 hours ... Now, these days I find scary researches about how sleep deprivation can damage brain permanently ... I want to know whether my condition too is also related to sleep deprivationView thread »

Is there anything I can do about decompensated heterophoria? - Answered in Ophthalmology (Eye Care)

Recent fever or stressful events like dieting or sleep deprivationView thread »

How to tackle depression until I meet my psychiatrist? - Answered in Psychiatry

Sleep deprivation is said to have depressant effects ... Sleep 6 hours per day, but not less than that … View thread »

I am experiencing headaches due to light sensitivity. Why? - Answered in Neurology

This does not happen when I am in a dark room (such as when going to sleep) ... Migraine headaches are precipitated by light, sounds, sleep deprivation, illness and medicines … View thread »

Why are my arm muscles shaking? - Answered in General Practitioner

Hyperthyroidism, withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, multiple sclerosis (MS), dystonia and sleep deprivation also can cause such tremors and shakings … View thread »

What causes heart palpitations for a long time? - Answered in Cardiology

Also, too much coffee, sleep deprivation, stress, alcohol and other addictions may cause those, so should be minimized, if any … View thread »

My left eye seems to go inward. Why? - Answered in Ophthalmology (Eye Care)

Have you recently had a fever or have any sleep deprivation or are you dieting ... There are no home remedies for this condition that are known to give good relief from symptoms, although reducing near work, getting adequate sleep and relaxation techniques may work … View thread »

Is it normal to have high BP at the time of headache? - Answered in General Practitioner

... understood your problem and must say that it is quite a common complaint to my clinic. Here you must understand is that the hormones in our bodies have a lot of ... … View thread »

Can complex partial seizures be cured? - Answered in Neurology

Anyway, considering a normal EEG and normal MRI findings, I would recommend discussing with your specialist on the possibility of performing a prolonged EEG or video EEG in the hospital (up to seven days) or an EEG with sleep deprivation, to have more information on the possible location of the seizures … View thread »

Seizures in a young female. Is it catamenial epilepsy? - Answered in Neurology

A prolonged EEG study for a week with video monitoring EEG or a sleep deprivation EEG would give more information on her seizures … View thread »

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