Suffering from nervousness, unknown fear, loss of concentration and sleep disturbance. - Answered in Psychiatry

Dear doctor, My brother is suffering from nervousness, unknown fear, loss of concentration and no sleep during the whole night … View thread »

I suffer from insomnia. What can be done to get a good sleep? - Answered in Sleep Medicine

The main point is when I go to bed, I did not fall in sleep for at least three hours and in some cases stay awake till morning despite the medication that I took at night ... It seems that you have been in trouble with sleep disturbances for a quite long time ... And you did not mention about your gender, so I advised for PSA, as benign prostate hypertrophy is common among males in this age group which can cause sleep disturbances by increasing the frequency of micturition at night … View thread »

Can panic attack occur while taking antidepressants? - Answered in Psychiatry

The heightened anxiety, panic attacks, uneasiness, hot or cold flushes, sleep disturbance, low grade fever could all be the symptoms of Venlafaxine withdrawal … View thread »

Why is sleeping pill not working for my husband? - Answered in Psychiatry

However, he did not sleep for the last eight days and is deathly concerning me ... Even the sleeping pill they are giving him is not working … View thread »

My sleep gets disturbed by dreams and breathlessness. What to do? - Answered in Psychiatry

 After that for the last four months, I am getting disturbed sleep by breathlessness and dreams ... It is tough for me to get a sound sleep ... If not, then do you have any other symptoms other than sleep disturbances ... Assuming that you do not have other symptoms than sleep disturbances, I would suggest you practice sleep hygiene … View thread »

My brother's illness bothers me a lot. I am deprived of sleep. Please help. - Answered in Psychiatry

I am feeling very helpless without him and I am deprived of sleep ... Symptoms like lack of sleep, disturbance, and tension occur when you feel stressed for any reason … View thread »

What is the reason for my disturbed sleep and morning drowsiness? - Answered in Sleep Medicine

Most of the day, in the last few months, my sleep gets disturbed at about 4 AM and after that till 6 AM I am unable to sleep and remain in bed tossing around … View thread »

I am developing withdrawal symptoms of Paroxetine. Please help. - Answered in Psychiatry

From the past year, I have been suffering from delayed onset sleep disorder, I sleep at 4 AM and wake up after noon ... But I am still unable to sleep at the desired time, and pressure of studies has put me into depression ... Sleep disturbances can cause depression and vice versa I have read your history carefully … View thread »

Is it advisable to take Buspar to cope with serotonin depletion? - Answered in Psychiatry

Six months ago after a long period of bad sleep and insomnia, I became anxious again with panic attacks and this time along with negative obsessive thoughts about breathing (not able to stop thinking about breathing), so severe that I cannot function in a normal state anymore … View thread »

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