Health and Sleep: Two Interconvertible Words!!! - Published in Healthy Living (Wellness & Prevention)

Who will have time to sleep enough in these moments of life ... Many of us think this will be a waste of time is spent on sleeping ... Success is the other name of balance in our sleep-wake cycle ... We forget in the hustle and bustle of modern life that keeping a balance in the sleep-wake cycle will make us more attentive and the work done will be more fruitful and quality oriented … View thread »

What kind of food habit should I follow to sleep well? - Answered in Sleep Medicine

Hi doctor, I work from 3 PM to 1 AM and cannot sleep once I am back ... As I cannot sleep properly, I get up late ... It is not just because of your food habits that your sleep-wake cycle is disturbed ... Regarding your food cycle, fix your meals to specific timings like breakfast at 9 AM, lunch between 1 to 2 PM and dinner again at 9 PM … View thread »

What is the solution for segmented sleep? - Answered in Sleep Medicine

Hi doctor,What is the solution for segmented sleep ... The treatment depends on the cause of segmented sleep ... If it is due to disturbed sleep - wake cycle like working in the night shift and frequent air travel then tips for resynchronization of the sleep - wake cycle should be advised … View thread »

My sleeping time is disturbed.Please help me overcome this. - Answered in Sleep Medicine

Hello doctor, My sleeping time is disturbed ... I wake up at 10 AM and sleep around 130 AM ... I would advice you to follow the above sleep hygiene practices to schedule your sleep wake cycle ... As you told that your sleep cycle has been disturbed these days i … View thread »

What are the side effects of crushing and taking Seroquel XR tablets? - Answered in Psychiatry

Unfortunately, I have gotten little to no sleep and am very concerned about sleep cycle disruptions, as they have always led to more severe symptoms in the past ... Besides this, follow sleep hygiene measures, they will be helpful over a long run and will help in maintaining healthy sleep-wake cycle without medications … View thread »

Pharyngitis - Signs, Symptoms, Treatment and Precautions - Published in ENT health

Besides, genetic predispositions of our body build its immunity cells based upon our daily habits, which include the food we eat, our stress levels, our sleep-wake cycle, exercises and sedentary habits … View thread »

I have tinnitus and sleep problems. What medicines will help me? - Answered in Neurology

Moreover, since two weeks, I have serious sleep problems ... That night, the sleeping problems started ... Do you have difficulty in the initiation of sleep or have frequent awakening during sleep ... If I go to bed by 1030 PM, I shall remain awake until 4 or 5 AM the following morning and go to sleep without my knowledge for five to six hours until 9 or 10 AM ... For sleep disturbance, you can try either Nitrest (Zolpidem), which is a good sleep inducer with minimal early morning sleepiness or Melatonin, which is helpful in maintaining the sleep-wake cycleView thread »

Is it tough to overcome Benadryl addiction and get a sound sleep? - Answered in Sleep Medicine

Hi doctor, I am spending sleepless nights ...  I am struggling to fall asleep and often get disturbed by dreams ... The next morning when I wake up I feel fatigue ... Improving the sleep-wake cycleView thread »

My 2 months old baby is extremely agitated and not sleeping. Why? - Answered in Paediatrics

Sometimes, he will grunt and raise his knees to his chest when he has gas but has always been able to get a normal amount of sleep ... He did not get almost any sleep for 12 hours so far ... He falls asleep and wakes up every 5 minutes, with startling reflex, throws hands in the air and then starts to squirm and kick ... In this phenomenon, the child suddenly might wake up from sleep in a startled state ... The sleep cycle takes six months to become normal in children … View thread »

I require 13 hours of sleep every day. Should I take Modafinil? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Hi doctor, I am a 25 year old male, all my life I have required about 13 hours sleep every night, regardless of the bedtime ... If I get the 13 hours sleep, I am not tired the next day, but if I only get 10 hours sleep, I will be very tired that day and also get a sleep debt ... But that is more falling asleep when awake than just sleeping too much ...  But since you want to reduce the duration of your sleep cycle, Modafinil can be tried in your case … View thread »

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