Why is sleeping pill not working for my husband? - Answered in Psychiatry

Even the sleeping pill they are giving him is not working … View thread »

I want to buy some medial device to prevent snoring during sleep.Please help. - Answered in Sleep Medicine

Snoring while sleeping is usually associated with sleep apnea syndrome ... Non-pharmacological treatment includes lifestyle modifications like weight reduction, avoidance of smoking, avoidance of sleeping pills, reduction of alcohol consumption … View thread »

How can I quit taking my anti-depressants? - Answered in Psychiatry

I mean to say that you are taking an antidepressant (Fluoxetine), mood stabilizer (Valkem-Divalproex sodium), antipsychotics (Amisant-Amisulpride) and sleeping pills (Rivotril) … View thread »

I am on Adderall for ADD and I am unable to sleep. Why? - Answered in Internal Medicine

I took my sleeping pills and still just could not sleep ... Also, what are the natural sleeping pillsView thread »

When compared to night shift, how is working in daytime better? - Answered in Family Physician

It will help me find out why you are not sleeping well ... If your sleep does not become regular we can start with sleeping pills, which will greatly improve your sleep … View thread »

Ever since I had shoulder surgery, I have been unable to sleep like earlier. Please help. - Answered in Sleep Medicine

Is there any change in your sleeping environment, like a new bed or new room or new bedspread ... Start taking capsule Omeprazole 20 mg every night half an hour before your dinner for two weeks and observe the response (this is an antacid medication and not a sleeping pill) … View thread »

How can we manage insomnia by ayurveda treatment? - Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

I had also taken some sleeping pills ... There are several causes that cause this condition like stress, anxiety, disturbed lifestyle, disturbed sleeping routine or other medical conditions … View thread »

Should I take BP medicine lifelong? - Answered in Cardiology

My doctor prescribed me Ciplar LA and sleeping pills for 28 days … View thread »

I took Clonazepam for sleep disorder.I am feeling agitated,hyperactive and sometimes suicidal thoughts come in mind.Please help. - Answered in Sleep Medicine

After more than a year, I got to know from a medical personnel that, Clonazepam is a sleeping pill, and I immediately stopped taking it ... From then onwards, my sleeping problem increased … View thread »

I have burn-like mark which keeps increasing in size. What is it? - Answered in Dermatology

Besides, I have Parkinson's disease and I take sleeping pill every night … View thread »

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