What can cause slipping rib? - Answered in Chiropractor

Without muscles to hold the ribs in place loose ligaments allow slipping of the rib, which causes further stretching of the ligament, resulting in severe pain … View thread »

How Is Slipped Rib Syndrome Managed? - Published in Orthopedic Health

Overview Slipping rib syndrome is a rare condition where the ribs slip from their normal position due to the movement of the ligaments causing abdominal pain or back pain … View thread »

How can I manage pain in ribs with breathing difficulty after a fall? - Answered in General Practitioner

... thoroughly gone through your case and can well understand your genuine health concern. Severe pain on the ribs and breathing difficulty after a fall indicates some ... … View thread »

I have abdominal discomfort and gurgling sensation after stopping Raciper. Why? - Answered in Medical gastroenterology

... all, I need to know what symptoms were you prescribed Raciper plus for. Did you have the same symptoms before starting the medication? I am providing you a ... … View thread »

When compared to night shift, how is working in daytime better? - Answered in Family Physician

... us in manner that we should work for 8 hours, rest for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours. When we change this pattern it may lead to many diseases like migraine, ... … View thread »

I have general weakness with sudden weight loss. What is the reason? - Answered in Internal Medicine

... your concerns. I have checked all the reports you attached (attachment removed to protect patient identity) and all are within the normal range except a ... … View thread »

Could my liver hemangioma actually be liver cancer? - Answered in Medical oncology

... worry and do not panic. All your reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity) are pointing towards hemangiomas. It is easy to differentiate between ... … View thread »

Why am I having sharp pain just left of sternum? - Answered in Cardiology

... gone through your history and it does not appear to be an ischemic pain. Ischemic pain will not be sharp and so short lasting. So the possibilities are ... … View thread »

Causes of Chest Pain Other Than Heart Attack - Published in Heart & Circulatory Health

... of the most common complaints encountered in the ER (emergency room) every day. Most of the patients panic as they think there is a serious problem with their heart. To what extent ... … View thread »

I feel tenderness when I press on both sides of chest. Please help. - Answered in Internal Medicine

... checked the attached files thoroughly (attachment removed to protect patient identity). All the investigations you performed are within normal and there is no ... … View thread »

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