Are these head-reeling episodes sue to stroke, seizure or syncope?

- Answered in Neurology

... difficult to comment if the episodes are solely syncope/ fainting spell due to orthostatic hypotension or abnormal heart rhythm. I agree with Holter monitoring ... … View thread

I get electric current like sensations on the right side of my body. Why?

- Answered in Neurology

... been prescribed an anti-psychotic and anti-depressant as well as Chlordiazepoxide for your problem in the past.This type of presentation can be due to severe ... … View thread

My feet is numb and tingly. Is it due to nerve entrapment?

- Answered in Neurology

... (nerve conduction velocity) and EMG (electromyography) had been normal, there is possibility can be: Muscle fatigue. Ligament or soft tissue injury pain. Mild ... … View thread

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