Can milk or lactose intolerance cause acid reflux? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Hello doctor, I drink two pints milk a day with a protein shake but since then I have got acid reflux and cannot swallow without food getting stuck in my throat … View thread »

Cow's milk does not seem to suit my 1 year old baby. What can I give her instead? - Answered in Paediatrics

We just started giving cow milk two days back ... A packet of A2 unpasteurized milk was bought, boiled and cooled down … View thread »

My breast milk is not sufficient for my 33 days old son. Can I give him powder milk? - Answered in Paediatrics

I am breastfeeding him from birth, but now the breast milk is not sufficient for him ... Shall I go for milk powders … View thread »

Which formula milk shall I opt for my baby? - Answered in Paediatrics

Since I had less milk, she was formula fed ... We keep on switching the brand of formula milk, but it did not suit her … View thread »

Which formula milk is better, premium or plain? - Answered in Paediatrics

Dexolac premium contains calcium to phosphorus ratio near to 2:1, which is more like breast milk and other properties too near to breast milkView thread »

Would having milk or water before swab test alter the DNA? - Answered in General Practitioner

... can be a sign of the pregnancy and it happens when the ovum implants into the uterine wall (implantation). It can begin on the 23rd to 28th day of ... … View thread »

There is milky discharge from penis with pain in testicle. Please help. - Answered in Andrology

Today morning when I woke up at 6 AM, I observed a milk-like liquid drop at the tip of my penis ... Also, you can give the milk liquid for examination … View thread »

Having an odd milky after-taste in my mouth. It does not seem to go away whatever I do. - Answered in General Medicine

Hello, I am having an odd milky after-taste in my mouth for a couple of days now … View thread »

Please suggest formula milk for weight gain and overall development. - Answered in Paediatrics

Please suggest the best formula milk for weight gain and overall development ... I am assuming you are asking for formula milk for a four-month-old baby … View thread »

Newborn is spitting milk after burping and has laryngomalacia. Is that a matter of concern? - Answered in Paediatrics

She spits the milk after burping also ... Babies often spit very little amount of milk after feeding even after burping, this is a normal thing … View thread »

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