Why do I have headache, cold, and running nose?

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Do steam inhalation three times a day with warm water … View thread

I had flu and now lost my voice. What can be done?

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Steam inhalation did three times a day … View thread

Kindly let me know some medicine for itchy throat?

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Do steam inhalation regularly for at least 10 days … View thread

What medicines can help my bad throat?

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You can also take Xylomist (Xylometazoline) nasal drops three drops three times daily after steam inhalation for your blocked nose … View thread

I am a singer.I have sore throat and unable to sing or even speak normally.Please advice.

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Start steam inhalation with menthol and disprin gargles … View thread

Please recommend a cure for the cough that I get only in cold season.

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I would advise you to take steam inhalation and take tablet Montair Lc (combination of Levocetirizine and Montelukast) in the morning ... I suggest you start with steam inhalation and tablet Montair Lc once daily and syrup Chericof (combination of Ambroxol, Guaifenesin and Levosalbutamol) two spoons thrice daily … View thread

Other than earwax, what can cause clogged ear?

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You need a course of antibiotics, some anti-inflammatory drugs, nasal decongestant drops and steam inhalation for few days … View thread

Why does running nose, sneezing and blocked nose happen?

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You can try steam inhalation with capsule Karvol added in it three to four times a day ... While taking steam, just break the capsule and add the liquid part in hot water and inhale it for 15 minutes … View thread

Suffering from cold, chest congestion and sore throat. What is it?

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 Steam inhalation four times a day … View thread

What is the treatment for frequent sneezing and running nose?

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Warm steam inhalations once at night during the entire spring and autumn months ... l am not having past history and report, during this period sometimes I am also facing inhalation problem … View thread