Stress in a Broad Perspective - More Than Merely a Mental Illness!!

- Published in Healthy Living (Wellness & Prevention)

What Do You Think Is Stress in Your Daily Life ... Stress is not just a mental illness … View thread


- Published in Emotional and Mental Health

What Is Stress ... Stress is the body&rsquo … View thread

Stress causes stiffness in my neck and back. What can be done about it?

- Answered in Psychiatry

This often happens when a stressful situation arises, which also raises my BP ... Also, when we are subjected to constant stress, those muscles become stiff … View thread

Stress-a barrier for brain development,is that true?

- Answered in Psychiatry

Hi doctor, I read that great stress will cause brain development inhibition in children ... Great amount of stress in children does affect brain development … View thread

Stress echo test was taken for chest pain. Kindly explain.

- Answered in Cardiology

We consulted the medicine doctor and he recommended the stress echo test which we got done ... And stress echo additionally supports this possibility … View thread

Can stress and lack of sleep cause irregular beats in ECG?

- Answered in Cardiology

My uncle who is a doctor thinks they are ectopic beats in relation to lack of sleep and stressView thread

Does stress affect my menstrual bleeding?

- Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Usually, I have a bit less bleeding on the third day, but I was also very much stressed during this time related to my situation ... And does stress affects my period bleeding … View thread

Can stress cause tightness in the chest?

- Answered in Neurology

Are you going through any stressView thread

Can stress cause mild chest pain?

- Answered in Cardiology

I do not want to waste my time going to the hospital, and people keep telling me that it is stress ... Your chest pain might be related to your work, too much stress can induce chest pain … View thread

Could stress cause post-hysterectomy bleeding?

- Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

I am experiencing light pink to red vaginal bleeding after dealing with high stress at work ... I have been working from home, but have an extremely high stress in career … View thread

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