How to Cure Stress Headache?

- Published in Migraines and Headaches

Tension or stress type headache is one of the types of primary headache ... Tension type headache (commonly called stress headache) encounters 69 % of the people with primary headache ... Headache means simply pain felt in head either one or both sides or all over the head ... International headache society divides headache into two types such as primary and secondary headaches … View thread

What can be done to relieve intermittent headache?

- Answered in Neurology

It might be chronic stress headache ... Hello doctor, I have a headache and feel like head is spinning for about two to three times in a day ... Is a headache continuous or intermittent … View thread

How to handle my husband with effective communication?

- Answered in Psychologist/ Counsellor

I tried to analyze the cause of his irritation and I found that he has financial panic and stress ... If my stress gets trigger for any reason, I may get stress headache and can hear mild auditory hallucinations … View thread

Is headache a symptom of HIV?

- Answered in General Medicine

 I have no other typical HIV symptoms, so I am wondering could these types of headache occur through stress or anxiety ... These look more stress related ... I am worried about the possibility of HIV as I am experiencing headaches ... I have also been having headaches … View thread

I have become extremely anxious after electric shock. Why?

- Answered in Neurology

My parents brushed it off as anxiety and stress ... Do stress headaches have anything with this ... I suffer from OCD related tension headaches … View thread

Can you explain in detail what these incidental findings in my MRI are?

- Answered in Neurology

Thank you doctor, Well, about seven months ago, after a period of little sleep and high stress, I started getting dizzy spells ... In most of the cases, as I have mentioned, it is just a part of a stress headache ... Thank you doctor, I had an MRI because I was having dizzy episodes and increased headaches ... I do not think these findings have anything to do with your headaches … View thread

How to get rid of left-sided headaches, which increase on chewing?

- Answered in Neurology

Hi doctor, I have left-sided headaches from the last five days ... How to get rid of these headaches … View thread

I am getting sharp headache and abrupt vision shift. What does it sound like?

- Answered in Internal Medicine

Your symptoms could be due to ocular migraine, brain lesion, vasculitis, hypertension and stress ...  Today, I have had a sharp headache above one eye … View thread

I feel my head is heavy and my brain lacks oxygen. What to do?

- Answered in Neurology

I feel a throbbing kind of a headache ... Since when you started to have these headaches … View thread

I have recurrent headaches from the last nine years. What could be the reason?

- Answered in General Medicine

This happens due to being overworked and overstressed in life ... I suggest the following: Reduce the level of stress ... I have been having headaches for more than nine years now ... However, it is important to note that my headaches started way before I knew how to use a computer … View thread

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