I have a constant headache after a head injury. What to do?

- Answered in Neurology

The presence of a headache after head injury is present in 20 to 30 % of individuals, but most often it is related to stress and other factors rather than the head injury itself ... I started doing normal activities after five days, but now I have a constant headacheView thread

Though I am stress-free, I am getting horrible headaches. Why?

- Answered in Internal Medicine

My family thinks it as stress ... You may think that is what is causing it, but I am not stressed ... Hi doctor, I am almost 18 and ever since I was little I have had horrible headaches or migraines ... Everything is going pretty easy, but this year my headaches are worse than they have ever been … View thread

Please help with my headache, lower back pain and knee pain.

- Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

It seems like you have been overstressed and have taken your friend's incident too seriously ... Headache could be because of stress, strain, anxiety, work pressure, change of place, change in climate and eye problems ... The same night, I got an excruciating headache ... The headache came back the next morning and I am feeling it till now … View thread

Should I see a doctor for a constant headache?

- Answered in Neurology

This headache is not very painful, but it is just an annoying pressure that has not gone away in six weeks ...   Since when you started to have these headaches … View thread

What are the reasons to get headache while talking?

- Answered in General Practitioner

Tension headache: Tension headache occurs because of stress ... The headache is usually present in the forehead and temples due to any stressful trigger that vary from person-to-person ... Hi doctor, I feel headache much often during interaction with anyone ... Since you have not mentioned in detail about the headache, it is difficult to diagnose with limited case history … View thread

Is it normal to have high BP at the time of headache?

- Answered in General Practitioner

My BP is 130/100 mmHg on average, which was 135/110 mmHg on the first day of the headaches ... Secondly, you have mentioned about pain in the neck muscles, headache and ear discomfort, which can all together be a different issue like ear congestion … View thread

I have dizziness from the last one week. Can it be a brain tumor?

- Answered in Neuro surgery

I do have an anxiety disorder and have been in stress for a month now ... Given that you have been through a recent stress in your personal or professional life, it is likely to be a tension headache ... A headache in a patient with a brain tumor is generally dull and aching type ...  Nevertheless, the most common causes of a headache are a tension headache, migraine and sinus headacheView thread

Are my headaches and dizziness suggestive of a brain tumor?

- Answered in Neurology

 Headaches along with pain behind eyes can present in a variety of conditions including due to a migraine, tension-type headache, and stress ... Hi doctor, I have been having headaches and dizziness for five days ... The headache is around my forehead and behind my eyes … View thread

I have chest tightness. Is it caused by trivial mitral valve prolapse?

- Answered in Cardiology

You are having a lot of stress which is probably causing gastritis and reflux which is the cause of chest pain ... Also, for headache and stress, to calm your mind, you should have some medicine like tablet Tryptomer 10 mg (Amitriptyline) bedtime for two weeks … View thread

Whom should I consult for my daughter's high prolactin?

- Answered in Endocrinology

There is no headache or stress ... She gets nausea and headache with the tablet and so not taking the medicine regularly … View thread

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