Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus - Published in Newborn and Baby

  Treatment for Neural Tube Defects: Surgery for meningocoel and myelomeningocoel closes the potential for exposure of the spinal cord to the enviroment and usually protects it from further damage ... It may lead to abnormal structure of the cerebrospinal fluid circulation causing ventricular enlargement - hydrocephalus ... The obstruction of cerebrospinal fluid flow (hydrocephalus) leads to increasing pressure on the brain which lowers the blood supply to the neurons (nerve cells) and directly impairs their development … View thread »

What Causes Hydrocephalus? - Published in Neurological Health

Treatment for Hydrocephalus: For the past several decades the mainstay of treatment for hydrocephalus has been surgery, to divert the abnormal collection of CSF from the brain to another cavity in the body where the fluid could be absorbed ... Causes of Hydrocephalus: An excess of CSF collecting in the ventricles causes hydrocephalus which comes from the Greek words for water, “hydro”, and head, “cephalus” … View thread »

My third ventricle has grown from 4 mm to 6 mm after an SAH. Why? - Answered in Neurology

If it is indeed hydrocephalus, is the only treatment a shunt ... Is there a less invasive treatment ... This worries me tremendously since the research I have done online signifies that this may indicate hydrocephalus (attached is the radiologist findings) … View thread »

Ultrasound showing mild hydrocephalus. Should I be concerned? - Answered in Paediatric Surgery

There is no treatment option with medication now ... Hi doctor, My present ultrasound is showing mild hydrocephalus with breech presentation (36 weeks) dilated 13 mm ventricle ... Hydrocephalus means increase in fluid content in the fluid spaces of the brain … View thread »

My grandmother had a brain hemorrhage and is in ICU. What are the options that we have now? - Answered in Neurology

In such condition, the next treatment option can be EVD- external ventricular drainage ... Your grandmother seems to be having primary intraventricular hemorrhage with hydrocephalusView thread »

Can venous aneurysm cause headache? - Answered in Neuro surgery

Else this condition does not require any treatment ... But, in practice the most common complications are hydrocephalus and cardiac problems ... You have not indicated whether the scan revealed hydrocephalus or not … View thread »

What to do for headache in case of chronic infective granulomas? - Answered in Neurology

... given history and reports, it seems that the patient had meningoencephalitis. The probable cause for which may be tuberculosis. MRI also showed granulomas in the ... … View thread »

How to treat headaches caused by tuberculous meningitis? - Answered in Neurology

As per the discharge summary (attachment removed to protect patient identity), your doctor has started ATT (antitubercular treatment) empirically ... CT head, to rule out hydrocephalus ... Some patients with tubercular meningitis may develop hydrocephalus (enlargement of ventricles in the brain), and that can lead to headaches and blurring of vision … View thread »

Kindly explain whether MRI brain and CSF studies show any relation to NPH. - Answered in Radiology

Treatment with shunting might help only when NPH is confirmed ... It would be highly helpful for treatment by my neurologist ... But do the findings of brain atrophy, ventriculomegaly, hyperdynamic CSF flows suggest of idiopathic hydrocephalus and are some intervention required … View thread »

Please explain the diagnosis of MRI result. - Answered in Neurology

If dementia is present (memory troubles, confusion), I would recommend treatment with Donepezil or Memantine ... Anyway, treatment with Donepezil or Memantine can help improve the memory problems ... No hydrocephalusView thread »

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