What is the ayurveda treatment for psoriasis? - Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

Panchakarma therapy is an ayurvedic treatment in which body is detoxified, and you have to follow a particular diet regimen ... Please find a reputed nearby panchakarma center and go for the treatment of psoriasis ... My doctor says that it is psoriasis ... Psoriasis is a non-infectious and inflammatory disease of the skin … View thread »

Ayurvedic Management of Psoriasis - Published in Skin and Beauty

But, this treatment does not have a long lasting effect ... Treatment may vary from person to person as and when needed ... Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder wherein patient's skin has typically red, itchy and scaly patches ... There are five main types of psoriasisView thread »

I have flaking in scalp and patches on the body. Please help. - Answered in Dermatology

Please suggest the best treatment ... Please attach your clinical pictures so that I can look at the extent of involvement and suggest you appropriate treatment ... With your history it seems like psoriasis, though I cannot confirm without seeing the pictures ... Features are consistent with psoriasisView thread »

Psoriasis - Symptoms, Types, and Treatment - Published in Dermatologists and Skin Care

Phototherapy is a good option for its treatment especially if it is not responding to topical treatment ... In systemic treatment, most commonly prescribed medicine is Methotrexate ... Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease characterized by red and scaly lesions on the body, more commonly over the extensor surfaces of the body … View thread »

Kindly comment on my psoriasis prescription. - Answered in Dermatology

Yes, your treatment is right ... First of all you should keep in mind that you need to remain in contact with a dermatologist for your whole life as no treatment is permanent and strictly never ever do self-treatment ... Hi doctor, I have been suffering from psoriasis in my palm ... A local doctor prescribed me some medicines for psoriasis and I want a second opinion about the prescription … View thread »

Kindly suggest the right action for my skin disease. - Answered in Dermatology

I took treatment for a month, but I guess they are enlarged ... You have started on the right treatment ... Another doctor says that I need to do a skin test to confirm psoriasis ... I have seen your images and it is psoriasis only … View thread »

Is there a permanent remedy to get rid of psoriasis? - Answered in Dermatology

Kindly provide these information, so that we can evaluate your case in detail and prescribe you with the best possible treatment ... Treatment: There are a lot of treatment options available ... Hello doctor, I would like to know a few details of the tablets which I have been taking for my scalp psoriasis ... It is primarily used to treat severe cystic acne and I fail to understand why your doctor has prescribed it to you for psoriasisView thread »

General Management of Difficult Psoriasis - Published in Dermatologists and Skin Care

Also, previous treatment and their effectiveness and side effects have to be assessed ... Treatment 1) Scalp Psoriasis: Scalp to be drenched overnight with coconut oil based coal tar and salicylic acid pomade and cover with a shower cap or polyethylene cap ... Psoriasis is a chronic genetically influenced immunologically based inflammatory disease of skin and joints ... However, psoriasis has a tendency to recur and may become worse … View thread »

Is my DHT level causing mild hair fall and flaky scalp? - Answered in Dermatology

If DHT is high, then we have a specific treatment for that ... Flaky scalp not responding to Noskurf (combination of Climbazole, Piroctone Olamine, Aminodermine, and almond oil) lotion may be scalp psoriasis and need steroid plus Salicylic acid 6 % combination lotion … View thread »

I have dry scalp with white flaky layers on the front and sides. Please help. - Answered in Homeopathy

These all details will help to decide further medication and duration of treatment ... Your body reaction to medicines and your follow-up will help me to decide the further duration of treatment ... PsoriasisView thread »

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