Can urinary infection be treated through ayurveda? - Answered in Ayurveda Specialist

... loaded with many medicines. From my view, I suggest you can take the following medicines. Triphala Churna 100 g plus Satsang of Tulsi 100 g - mix properly in a ... … View thread »

After urinary infection, I have burning sensation during sex. What can I do? - Answered in Sexology

Burning is common after urinary infection and this is the reason they advise to abstain from sex while on treatment … View thread »

How can urinary infection in an elderly woman be treated? - Answered in Urology

Hello doctor, My 86-year-old bedridden mother has a urinary infection ... Also, can the low level of antibiotics prevent future infections of the urinary tract ... Can you also give me pointers how to reduce the incidence of urinary tract infectionsView thread »

How to Prevent Urinary Infection in Women? - Published in Women's Health

Urinary tract infection (UTI) starts as a mild burning sensation during voiding and can lead to more dangerous kidney infection ... When some bacteria enter the urinary bladder through natural urinary passage (urethra), they are usually washed away … View thread »

My mother had tablets for urinary infection and now she is having diarrhea.Please advice. - Answered in Urology

Hello doctor, My mother had a urinary infection caused by Escherichia coli ... This will help her in her urinary tract infection (UTI) … View thread »

How can I manage burning sensation associated with urinary infection? - Answered in Urology

Hello doctor, I had a urinary infection (buring sensation while passing urine) for past one month ... As per your latest report (attachment removed to protect patient identity), you still have E-coli urinary tract infection … View thread »

What is the reason for on and off urinary infection? - Answered in Urology

Approximately, six to seven years back, I had urinary infection when I was sexually active with my girlfriend ... After that incident, I used to get urinary infection once in a few months … View thread »

How to find out the reason for my baby's urinary infection? - Answered in Urology

Hi doctor, My 15 year old baby is suffering from urinary infection for last 10 days ... Your baby must be having some underlying condition of the urinary system to have had an infection … View thread »

Why do I have burning sensation and itching even after taking antibiotics for urinary infection? - Answered in Urology

The report you have mentioned clearly points towards urinary tract infection (UTI) … View thread »

What could be done to cure UTI causing difficulty in urination? - Answered in Urology

Urinary infection is common in young married women … View thread »

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