My urine culture shows presence of blood in urine. Why? - Answered in Urology

Recently, I have done a PSA, sugar, CBC, and urine culture ... It shows that there is a presence of blood in the urineView thread »

Should I worry about my brother's urine culture report? - Answered in Internal Medicine

When we took him to the doctor, he advised to take a urine test ... After seeing pus cells, he asked us to take urine culture ... The urine culture report came as no growth … View thread »

Why is there a persistent low-grade fever in a 54-year-old female? - Answered in Family Physician

Did your mother undergo urine culture sensitivity … View thread »

I was treated for UTI, but mild irritation is still present. Kindly help me. - Answered in Urology

I think you never had urine culture any time during your doctor visits ... At present, it still looks like urine infection or urethra infection (urethritis) ...  You need to get a urine culture and sensitivity … View thread »

I have strong burning sensation in vagina. Is the urine infection back? - Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

I was treated for a urine infection a week ago and now it seems to be back again ... It is better to have urinalysis, urine culture and I would suggest high vaginal swab as well or just vaginal swab to be on the safe side … View thread »

How can urine infection in a postpartum preeclampsia patient be treated? - Answered in General Medicine

Hello doctor, My 36-year-old wife has a urine infection ... As per urine culture report, blood tests, and the doctor's prescription, antibiotic and other medicines were given but the infection has not improved at all … View thread »

How will high blood pressure affect the kidney? - Answered in Critical care physician

She is suffering from urine infection and her serum uric acid is 76 mg/dL ... Her urine culture and sensitivity report attached (attachment removed to protect patient identity) is negative, meaning there is no known pathogen in her urine that may have caused the infection … View thread »

Kindly recommend a medicine for urine infection. - Answered in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

I am unable to control urine ... First get a complete urine examination done along with urine culture ... Wait for culture report to come and then, you can take a proper treatment for urine infection … View thread »

What test should I do for smelly and yellow urine? - Answered in Venereology

It started with blood in urine and then burning sensation while urinating ... I am also having smelly and yellow urine ...  Have you done urine culture and sensitivity ... Gonococcal urethritis can be confirmed by urethral discharge cultureView thread »

I experience burning sensation while urination. Is it UTI or STI? - Answered in Urology

As per your reports (attachment removed to protect patient identity), urine culture is sterile ... You can repeat urine routine and urine culture with midstream urine sample … View thread »

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