My urine culture shows presence of blood in urine. Why?

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Recently, I have done a PSA, sugar, CBC, and urine culture ... It shows that there is a presence of blood in the urineView thread

Should I worry about my brother's urine culture report?

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When we took him to the doctor, he advised to take a urine test ... After seeing pus cells, he asked us to take urine culture ... The urine culture report came as no growth … View thread

Why is there a persistent low-grade fever in a 54-year-old female?

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Did your mother undergo urine culture sensitivity … View thread

I took Diflucan to treat urinary candidiasis. When will I get cured completely?

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I suppose you have urine culture proven urinary candida infection for which this tablet Diflucan was started ... You can continue till two weeks till sypmtoms subside and then repeat the urine culture test for documentation of complete resolution … View thread

I was treated for UTI, but mild irritation is still present. Kindly help me.

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I think you never had urine culture any time during your doctor visits ... At present, it still looks like urine infection or urethra infection (urethritis) ...  You need to get a urine culture and sensitivity … View thread

Why does urine appear dark brown inspite of having Fluconazole?

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Hello doctor, I was initially diagnosed with a urinary tract infection by the presence of white blood cells in my urine ... A urine culture was done after three types of antibiotics failure ... A urine culture was conducted, and it was found that I had candida albican (yeast), and I was put on an oral antifungal medication called Fluconazole, but my urine is still dark brown with white substances in it, and I still feel itching after urination … View thread

I have strong burning sensation in vagina. Is the urine infection back?

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I was treated for a urine infection a week ago and now it seems to be back again ... It is better to have urinalysis, urine culture and I would suggest high vaginal swab as well or just vaginal swab to be on the safe side … View thread

How can urine infection in a postpartum preeclampsia patient be treated?

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Hello doctor, My 36-year-old wife has a urine infection ... As per urine culture report, blood tests, and the doctor's prescription, antibiotic and other medicines were given but the infection has not improved at all … View thread

I have UTI and suffering from pain after taking Amoxicillin. Why?

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I will advise you to get urine culture and antibiotic sensitivity done first only then choose a proper antibiotic ... Pyridium is a good urinary antiseptic, and yes it does interfere with urine examination, especially with cultureView thread

How will high blood pressure affect the kidney?

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She is suffering from urine infection and her serum uric acid is 76 mg/dL ... Her urine culture and sensitivity report attached (attachment removed to protect patient identity) is negative, meaning there is no known pathogen in her urine that may have caused the infection … View thread