How to confirm if I have a pelvic inflammatory disease? - Answered in Venereology

There may be fever, lower abdominal pain, new or different discharge, pain during intercourse, irregular bleeding, cervical motion tenderness, or uterine tenderness … View thread »

I performed oral sex right after getting scaling done. What is my risk of HIV? - Answered in Venereology

I performed oral sex only on the outside of the vagina which was very dry, and there is no vaginal fluid present ... Even though the vaginal area is dry, there is always some fluid discharge from that place … View thread »

My perineal area burns while urinating.What can I do to ease this? - Answered in Venereology

Genital herpes is caused by a virus named herpes simplex, contacted by having an unprotected vaginal/ anal/ oral sex ... To be more specific, if you have reddish colored lesions, erosions/vesicles over genitals, painful to touch, mucoid discharge along with above-mentioned complaints, then most likely you have contracted genital herpes … View thread »

I had unprotected oral sex and a few days later I am having itching. Could it be an STD? - Answered in Venereology

The chances of acquiring an HIV infection through unprotected oral sex is, however, lower than that through an anal or vaginal sex ... My discharge is normal … View thread »

Itchy anus after unprotected oral sex. Why? - Answered in Venereology

Itching over the anal region can be due to many causes: Candidiasis - white discharge from the vagina can cause itching when it comes in contact with the anus … View thread »

After sex, had yellow clustered blisters on vagina. What could it be? - Answered in Venereology

There is no pain inside the urethra, no burning sensation while urinating and the discharge is whitish-yellowish and watery … View thread »

Is there any chance of oral HPV transmission via kissing? - Answered in Venereology

If you had developed gonorrhea, there would be discharge or bumps over the penis within one month … View thread »


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