Can viral fever lead to Parkinson's disease?

- Answered in Neurology

Hello doctor,I had a viral fever six years back ... I have some pain in my joints, and suffer a low-temperature fever about three nights a week, and have been getting speech therapy two times a week … View thread

I had viral fever and my blood report shows lymphocytosis. What is the cause for elevation?

- Answered in Hematology

Hello doctor, I had a viral infection before two months with fever for five days and cough and increased mucus production for more than two weeks … View thread

Chikungunya, a Re-emerging Viral Fever

- Published in Infectious Diseases

Malaria, elephantiasis, Nile virus, chikungunya and dengue fever are the most common ... Signs and Symptoms of Chikungunya In initial stage, symptoms like low grade fever, malaise, reduction in feelings of hunger and occasional vomiting will be present … View thread

My father is diagnosed with viral fever and had delirium after consultation. Please advice.

- Answered in Internal Medicine

The physician he consulted did blood work and concluded it to be viral but the delirium started after the consultation ... He is having 1023 fever and also some confusion and disorientation ... If he has a fever and is delirious, it is not something that should be managed at home … View thread

Can we use Tramadol and Acetaminophen for viral fever?

- Answered in General Medicine

Hi doctor, My brother, who is 27 years old, is having viral fever and the temperature was 103 degrees Fahrenheit since yesterday night ...  The cough associated with viral fever takes time to improve ... He has been complaining of slight fever for the past five days … View thread

How can I bring back RFT and LFT levels to normal after a viral fever?

- Answered in Internal Medicine

I had viral fever last week for which I took antibiotic (7-day course) … View thread

Both Crocin and Meftal given for a recurrent fever in a 6 year old. Is this a right approach?

- Answered in Paediatrics

Viral fever may last for 3 to 4 days ... The fever is coming every four to five hours after giving Meftal ... Is fever coming back after four hours of Meftal common in first 72 hours … View thread

What can be done for fever with sore throat and reddish brown urine?

- Answered in General Practitioner

It could be a viral fever followed by acute glomerulonephritis if there is blood in urine, judging from the reddish brown urine you mentioned ... Hello doctor, I am having high and low fever for the past few days and starting from yesterday, I have sore throat ... And one week before fever, I had a few mosquito bites which are itchy on both the legs … View thread

What could be the reason for recurrent fever with high ESR and CRP levels?

- Answered in Cardiology

It is likely a viral fever only as it settles within four to five days ... ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) and CRP (C-reactive protein) are usually elevated due to viral fever or any other fever ... Hi doctor, I am getting a fever every day ... But, every day the fever occurs and goes to a maximum of 100 degrees, and it gets back to the body temperature without any medications … View thread

My son has a high temperature and headache when he bends. Please help.

- Answered in Paediatrics

It can be a viral fever which generally recovers in five to seven days ... But, headaches and light headedness are symptoms that can indicate either a brain infection or a viral feverView thread

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