Can vitamin deficiency cause muscle twitching? - Answered in Neurology

It showed that I have a severe vitamin B12 and vitamin D deficiency ... My vitamin B12 was around 50 ng/L ... It is generally related to stress, coffee intake, and vitamin B12 deficiencyView thread »

Can vitamin deficiency lead to decreased WBC count? - Answered in Internal Medicine

Yes, vitamin deficiency and mineral deficiency can cause the issue with formation of the blood cells and hypoactive bone marrow assembly of blood cells ... I read on the internet that a deficiency in zinc or B12 or folic acid can lead to decrease in WBC, is that true … View thread »

Does vitamin deficiency cause premature ejaculation? - Answered in Sexology

vitamins E, K, and C are also slightly low … View thread »

Does vitamin deficiency cause twitching and tingling? - Answered in Neurology

I am also a gastric bypass patient and have a history of low B12, iron saturation and low vitamin D ... I visited my family doctor and he said that the twitches were probably from low vitamin B12 ... Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause subacute combined degeneration of the cord … View thread »

Please help with my issues of numbness and vitamin deficiency. - Answered in Internal Medicine

ACE 69, HSV1 positive, vitamin D 17 deficient and uric acid 82 ... I had medicine for herpes simplex for a month, vitamin D3 60K once in a week for four weeks and then once a month for six months ... Also, you might be having calcium deficiency, which is very common associated with vitamin D deficiency ... Regards Amit Kumar HI See your pricking , tingling and numbness in legs is due to Nerve problem and around the lips is due to Calcium deficiencyView thread »

My skin gets peeled daily. Can this happen due to vitamin deficiency? - Answered in Dermatology

Does this happen due to vitamin deficiency ... This condition is not due to any vitamin deficiency or any other deficiencyView thread »

Are body pain, sore throat and tiredness due to HIV or vitamin deficiency? - Answered in HIV/AIDS specialist

I have got Vitamin D test results as 166 ng/ml ... Is Vitamin D deficiency related to my symptoms ... So whatever symptoms are there, it is due to vitamin deficiencyView thread »

I have been having constipation and floating stools from seven years. Please guide me. - Answered in Medical gastroenterology

Apart from that I have got vitamin D and vitamin B12 ... Your reports look fine, except for the vitamin deficiencies … View thread »

Having severe pain in the knee with low vitamin D level. Please advice - Answered in Orthopedics and Traumatology

After taking x-ray and blood tests we came to know that her vitamin D levels are low which shows 14ng /mL ... Vitamin D deficiency is the most common vitamin deficiency currently faced by the population at large ... Vitamin D deficiency and many more … View thread »

Why do I feel weak while sitting and working? - Answered in General Medicine

There are various causes like thyroid problems, anemia, vitamin deficiency especially vitamin D and even psychological issues which are the most common … View thread »

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